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Prospects to keep an eye on

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Here’s my list

QB: KJ Costello

Not really a huge fan of this qb class for numerous reasons. Herbert, Tau, and Fromm scare me equally. Did not really see much of Costello but he has the size, pro style experience and a team that isnt loaded with a supporting cast to judge his ceiling.


DE: Curtis Weaver

JPP is likely gone due to contract after this year. If Spence breaks out I dont see how we manage to keep the aging JPP. Unless he wants to play on a paycut. That said, need to be looking for pass rushers long term. Barrett, Spence and JPP all have a lot to prove headed to the season


No idea with the OL class looks like but man do we need help here. Dotty is aging by the day it seems. The iOL has a lot of concern headed into the season.


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I'm actually big believer in the top of this class. I think Herbert and Tua are going to be very good QBs. Maybe neither ever become that superstar, but I think both can be championship caliber QBs...

I love the potential juniors in this class too. Jordan Love and Sam Ehlinger...

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