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Like Whatever Who Cares... Preseason Week 1 GDT

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So I heard a rumor we are playing a game tonight. I guess we are playing some team from some city. They have a bunch of players on it. Whatever... I doubt anyone cares. Probably should make a game day thread though or else we'll upset the SJWs... 


Take what I just said and CRAM IT!!!! EAGLES FOOTBALL IS RETURNING TONIGHT AT 7:30!!!!



Game - Tennessee Titans vs Philadelphia Eagles 7:30 PM One Night Only!!!!




It's going to be a beautiful night! 


Katy Perry is obviously very happy! 

Start commenting!!!

Go Birds!

Master "The Haul" Cheddaar

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31 minutes ago, ninjapirate said:

honestly only found out right now we were playing the titans had no clue.

yeah I thought it was the packers til earlier this week 

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Male cheerleaders are weird.   From the UK so not sure if thats normal in college? 

First time seeing it in an nfl game or at all actually. 

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