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Impressions - Preseason Game 1


Your 2019 Preseason Game 1 Impressions?  

  1. 1. Your 2019 Preseason Game 1 Impressions?

    • Discouraged by what I saw
    • Somewhat encouraged by what I saw
    • Excited by what I saw
    • Pssh! Wake me up on September 8th.

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So, what did you all think of what you saw in the first preseason game?  I realize there were not many starters playing at all, but there are a few things I'm excited about.

  • There seems to be some playmaker depth on offense.  They have a number of versatile backs that seems to have created depth behind CMC.
  • Brian Burns.  I'm impressed.  He could make a difference on the defense this year, but the jury's still out for sure (only one game).
  • The defensive scheme looked good, even with the backups.  I can't wait to see the starters run it.
  • Vernon Butler?  Was he the one having problems stopping the run last night?  Not too optimistic about his play.

Overall, even considering the fact that barely any starters played, I'm optimistic about the schemes and depth I saw on the field last night.

Your thoughts?

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The pass rush looked great, I'm certain it will be better than it was last year if only for the fact we're just way more talented in that regard.  Haynes is a much better fit for the 3-4 than 4-3, so hopefully he continues to improve.  I expect growing pains with Burns, but man he's a special athlete as a pass rusher.  We don't need him to play every snap either with guys like Irvin and Addison.  This defense, talent-wise and with Rivera at DC, should be the best one we've fielded since 2015.  Hopefully they live up to the expectations.

Butler is surely getting cut, right?  Terrible pick.  I guess they could keep him around for insurance because why not, but I doubt it.  

Godwin looked like he could develop into solid depth and contribute on special teams.  Hard to ask for much more out of a late rounder, so that would be a big plus.

It sucks Scarlett couldn't play.  I'm looking forward to seeing him debut.  Nothing with CAP but I think we know what we get with him.  It would be nice to have a versatile back-up RB.

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Was not a fan of the Will Grier pick and will continue to not be a fan. That interception was the worst pick I've seen a Panther QB throw in awhile. At least when Cam throws stupid picks it's when he's about to get sacked and he chucks it. Grier had a clean pocket and just had an awful, AWFUL pass. Kyle Allen was bad too. And it wasn't like guys weren't open. The throws were just totally off the mark. Wish someone were there to be accurate to give the wideouts a better chance to get into a groove.

I'll give a pass to the first string defense for having Josh Allen picking them apart. The dinking and dunking is because our pass rush is pretty fast and we didn't have Luke or Shaq to help out in coverage or to make clean tackles. Noticed we had a lot of missed ones out there...

The RBs at least looked good. Especially Jordan Scarlett. Reggie Bonnafon had some nice runs, though a lot of his bigger rushes were on draws on 3rd and long...

No injuries is a big plus. And so is that new kicker. Maybe we'll keep him instead of Gano or use him as trade bait.

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