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Chiefs vs. Bengals Preseason GDT

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First Drive on defense thoughts:

Run D was very solid despite giving up the 1 yard TD
Ward got picked on two big plays, but seemed like a product of good offense as opposed to poor coverage
Linebackers were liabilities in coverage over the middle
DBs played well, but Breeland got burned and was lucky Dalton made a poor throw.

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That was a really solid look, all around. Starting offense was the starting offense. LB coverage concerns me with the starting D, but I kind of feel like that was expected and known. Ragland especially was never going to suddenly become a great coverage guy just because we flipped to zone. I like our skill position depth to the point it's a shame we're going to have to cut a few of these guys. Thompson and Caldwell looked good low on the RB depth chart. I'm a bit wary about our TE depth. Yelder and Bell don't look reliable. Granted Harris wasn't really either, but still.The lines looked solid on both sides. Plenty of running lanes, good protection, and guys like Tanoh and Speaks were able to beat up the Bengals backups the way they should be able to.

It is kind of a shame to see DOD as far down the depth chart as he seemed to be. He was below Ragland, Lee, Niemann, and Attaouchou from what I could tell. Not sure that I saw Hitchens or Wilson on the field. I definitely saw Hitchens on the sideline, but I don't recall him getting snaps. We definitely started with Ragland/Lee as the duo. LB play in coverage was rough, though I think play at S was better in that regard. I think our top 4 will be much stronger at that spot than last year. A breath of fresh air to not have a lineup with declining versions of Parker and Berry in there.

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I really wanna see Darwin Thompson more. He runs like a "pissed off" Shady McCoy. Not quite as shifty but harder to bring down.

Hyde has the veteran appeal but I wouldn't mind it if we let him walk. I'd rather roll with DWill, DWill31, Thompson, "somebody"

Mecole looked great out there. Soft hands and zooooooming speed. I think we're stuck with Legion Of Zoom lol

I thought the TEs were okay. I didn't get to study too hard on the game but they look like they catch n run but didn't see much for blocking. Bell has softer hands but doesn't look like the athlete Yelder is so idk yet.

Can't wait to see Big Frank and CJ95 unleashed. 

KPass n Speaks look much more at home with a hand in the dirt.

Derron Lee (with #50 on) looked so much like Houston to me, I didn't realize he was ripped like that. 

B Breeland looked the part, aggressive. Ward had some throws on him but he was right there and one of em was a near perfect throw.

I liked how the D kept closing on runners. Seems more aggressive, to me.

Oh and that #15 guy looks like he can play! 

Can't wait til these games count!

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Litton was sharp passing. Lots of catches all around. I'm happy with the TE play. Didn't watch for blocking here, but Bell, Yelder looked comfortable catching, running. RB25 won't bowl anyone over, but he's a quick, fast, scamper back. It's a nice complement to Hyde.

For the most part, our young guys are looking to keep pace with the fast tempo,

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