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Green Bay @ Ravens "Still Gotta Shot Bowl"

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Play by Play Comments:

Play 1 (Kickoff) Kickoff out of the back of the endzone: Ficken kicks it out the back of the endzone. Looked intentional. No judgement.

Play 2 (1st and 10) Ravens run up the middle for 7 yards.

Ravens run Power O to the left. Martinez does a great job taking on the pulling guard. Lowry (7T) gets double'd off of too easily by a Tackle/TE combo. Bolton is a step slow reading the play and the Tight End gets to him. Kenny Clark (1T) plays through the playside guard downblocking him to make the tackle one gap over. +1 Clark, +.5 Martinez. -.5 Lowry. -.5 Dalton.

 Play 3 (2nd and 3) Ravens run up the middle for 4 yards.

Ravens run off tackle out of the one back set to the strong side. Z. Smith (7T) and the Tackle stalemate on the outside. Center/Guard double team down on Kenny Clark (1T). He gives some ground but keeps Bolton clean for a free shot through the gap but the rookie hesitates and the Center somehow comes around and blocks him. Clark eventually splits the double team and makes the tackle for a gain of 4 and the first down. -.5 Dalton.

Play 4 (1st and 10) Ravens throw the slant for a gain of 11 off of play action.

Man coverage all across the board. Ravens run play action. Jaire Alexander playing the corner on the left gets beat on the mid slant. Coverage is decent and the tackle is made immediately upon completion, but not what you want to see from your best guy. Bolton bites horribly on play action and accidentally turns the TE loose. if Jackson isn't locked on his primary target there, this is a much longer completion. -.5 Alexander. -.5 Bolton.

Play 5 (1st and 10) Ravens throw the checkdown hitch for a gain of 4.

Packers play a zone all the way. Jackson doesn't want to see if anyone is gonna get open. He throws the hitch into the free zone for an easy four yards. Martinez comes up and makes the tackle. +.5 Martinez.

Play 6 (2nd and 6) Ravens run up the middle for 3 yards.

Ravens pull a guard and run a FB on another Power O. They also have a WR come in and throw a block. The Packers have added Adrian Amos to the box. Preston Smith does a textbook job of taking on the FB and keeping his outside arm clean to contain the outside and still come in to contribute on the tackle. Amos is a pro slipping the crack block and also getting in on the tackle. Martinez takes on the puller to keep Amos clean and close gaps. +.5 Preston Smith. +.5 Amos

Play 7 (3rd and 3) Ravens run up the middle for 4 yards.

Ravens pull a guard to the right side who takes Preton Smith out of the play. The Tackle keeps Dean Lowry in the B gap while both the Guard and the Tight End go eat up our ILBs. Martinez ends up with a guard in his lap and Bolton gets a TE. This is the danger of playing 2-deep frequently. This is not what you want your LBs to look like when playing run defense. Eventually Clark, and both LBs manage to slide off their blocks for the tackle. -1 for Bolton. -.5 for Martinez. 


Play 8 (1st and 10) Incomplete pass deep to the Tight End. 

The Ravens line up with their TE in the slot and a boundary receiver to the left. They run the double verticals concept where the targets switch paths, so the boundary receiver ends up above where the slot player started and the slot player ends up on the sideline. Darnell Savage makes a studly play, reads this perfectly, and makes a really nice play for the ball and breaks it up. +1 for Savage. This play got me really excited for him. 

Play 9 (2nd and 10) dumpoff pass to the TE for a gain of 7.

The Ravens line up their Tight End in a wing back spot to the left. The TE and the receiver to the left run clear out routes and they dump the ball off to the wing back running a little flare screen. Savage comes down to the line of scrimmage hot and looks like he's going to blow this up for a gain of nothing, but he bounces off the tackle. He sends the guy off balance, but he stumbles forward for 8 yards. If he had made this clean, I would have lost my mind. Alas, it's a missed tackle. -1 Savage.

Play 10 (3rd and 3) Incomplete pass

The Ravens line up with two receivers to the right. The Packers match with Alexander on the boundary and Tramon in the slot. Jackson has a sprint out to that side here shrinking half the field. The slot receiver runs an out route and the boundary receiver runs a vertical, trying to set a pick on Tramon. A lot of young CBs get trapped here when they see the out route and think they need to gun on it immediately, and it runs them right into the receiver running the vertical. Tramon knows what he's got and takes his first three steps horizontal to the outside to get clear of the vertical screen before breaking on the out route to take it away. A better QB maybe anticipates the action and makes the throw for a first, but we don't see it here. Alexander is similarly great playing the vertical receiver and Jackson has nowhere to throw. Preston Smith has taken away the scramble and Bolton is pursuing from the backside to take away any scramble options. Great play by the Packers defense. +.5 Tramon. +.5 Alexander. 

Play 11 (4th and 3) Justin Tucker kicks in a 52 yard field goal from the right hash.

With contemptuous ease. 

Play 12 (Kickoff) 37 yard kickoff return out to the 41 yard line.

Tucker drops a beauty of a kick to the 4 yard line with great hangtime. Sheppard fields it cleanly and gets some phenomenal blocking from James Looney, and some guy named Evan Baylis on the back line, and Will Redmond and Reggie Gilbert on the front end. Those four clear out all three Ravens on the right sideline where Sheppard takes it up. Redmond almost got a piece of Tucker to, but the Ravens kicker forces Sheppard out of bounds. +.5 Looney. +.5 Baylis. +.5 Redmond. +.5 Gilbert. +.5 Sheppard.

Play 12 (1st and 10) 5 yard completion to Jimmy Graham.

Just a standard short zone beater. Graham runs an out route at 5 yards and Kizer throws it just as he's going into his break so it gets to him before the defense can get to him. Just a really good first throw to get your young QB into a rhythm. No grades here.

Play 13 (2nd and 5) 2 yard rush off tackle.

Confession Time: I forgot that Earl Thomas was on the Ravens. This play had me going "Who the **** is #29?" before I saw the name on the back of the jersey. Jimmy Graham gets beat across his face by Pernell McPhee as we would expect from that matchup. Earl Thomas is playing 7 yards back and gets to the line of scrimmage in the time it takes Carson to sidestep McPhee. I actually had to watch this a few times to figure out where the hell the safety came from. Lane Taylor got tripped coming off the combo block as 49 slid off of him and helped on the tackle. Thomas is a very fast and very talented football player. -.5 for Graham, but this play was toasted from the snap. 

Play 14 (3rd and 3) 5 yard completion on a slant to Allison.

Allison in the slot runs a really good looking slant route and neatly plucks it out of the air. Kizer hits him in relative stride. He didn't get anywhere because this Ravens defense is a very good tackling unit, but Allison caught the ball and moved with a plan like he wanted some YAC. That's an element of his game that I haven't seen much of before. Good for him.  +.5 Allison. +.5 Kizer

Play 15 (1st and 10) pitch left for a gain of 2.

Pitch to the left with Bakhtiari pulling. The plan is apparently for Geronimo Allison to downblock Pernell McPhee and seal the edge. You'll be surprised to learn this does not work and McPhee immediately gets the edge stringing this thing out to the sideline. MVS gets pushed back by Cyrus Jones as well, but this play was dead immediately upon losing the edge. I can't even in good conscience knock Allison for not sealing the edge there. Just a stupid play design with that personnel. Good patient running by Carson gets 2 along the sideline here.

Play 16 (2nd and 8) run up the middle for a gain of 4.

Taylor and Linsley have a beautiful combo block from the NT to the ILB that Carson runs behind. Brandon Williams just blows Billy Turner off the ball into the backfield and slides off to make the tackle. Brandon Williams is an honest-to-god stud, but we need more out of Turner than this. +.5 Linsley. +.5 Taylor. -.5 Turner. 


Play 17 (3rd and 4) Incomplete Pass tipped at the line of scrimmage.

Bunch formation to the right with Allison as the back man. Graham runs the slant inside to clear everything out and Allison runs it behind him. Allison had a step and a half on the Ravens defense and Kizer throws it, but it gets tipped at the line by Brandon Williams (or it could have been Michael Pierce, I don't have the endzone view for preseason). Kizer needs to learn to not stare down his receivers. Both DTs and the spy ILB were all got their hands up into this passing lane because Kizer is a stare down man. I never drop somebody for a tip at the line, but it is something that QBs can work on to avoid.

Play 18 (4th and 4) Incomplete pass to Davante Adams on the slant. Turnover on Downs.

Bad Kizer here. He's late on his read to Adams and instead of coming off the look like he's supposed to, he tries to make up for lost time by firing a laser. Unfortunately the laser is inaccurate and the ball placement is lousy over Adams head. You can't throw slant routes over a guy's head. That's just bad QBing. This is the problem with Deshon Kizer. Late on the read, and then missing high. Missing high is an unforgivable sin because they lead to picks. -1 Kizer.

Play 19 (1st and 10) run off tackle for 0 yard gain. 

Ravens run a zone run to the right. Preston Smith makes a great play to set the edge and not give any ground. Lowry and Clark play it very well horizontally, to take away the running lanes and force the runner to Martinez who makes a strong tackle at the line of scrimmage. +.5 Preston Smith. +.5 Martinez.

Play 20 (2nd and 10) check down to the back for a gain of 9.

Hard to tell without the All-22 here.  The slot receiver on the left takes an inside release and runs vertically. The Tight End on the right also takes an inside release and runs a deep out. This leaves our three second level middle zone defenders (Preston Smith, Tramon Williams, and Blake Martinez) backpedaling and creates a pocket underneath that the running back fills for a gain of 9 yards. Preston passes the tight end off to Martinez and Tramon and Preston eventually make the tackle. No real bad individual plays here, the defense just got scoped.

Play 21 (3rd and inches) short yardage FB dive for a gain of 1 and a first down. 

Ravens just got a push and got the distance needed.

Play 22 (1st and 10) Run off tackle to the right for a gain of 14. 

Dean Lowry got pancaked off a Tackle/TE combo block and this hole got blown wide open. Bolton actually played it right this time and still got a TE to the face for his troubles. Martinez took on the pulling guard at the LOS but didn't get square enough to make a pile. Amos made a shoestring tackle 7 yards past the LOS and I'm not sure whether to knock him because the back got 7 more stumbling yards or give him credit for saving a possible TD. -1 Lowry.


Play 23 (1st and 10) Gain of 9 on a man beater in-route by the TE.

Defense got scoped here. Adrian Amos is stuck playing deep to hide the coverage and drew the man to man responsibility of the Tight End. The Tight End just ran a five yard in route and got the ball for a good gain. Then tried to hurdle a standing up Amos for a very weird tackle. No player's fault on this.

Play 24 (2nd and 11) After a holding call, Jackson scrambles for a gain of 3.

Z. Smith gets instant pressure rushing from the RDE spot and forces Jackson to step up and break the pocket. As soon as he leaves, Boyle and Martinez are both on him and he can't throw. +.5 for Z. Smith.

Play 25 (3rd and 8) 17 yard completion for a first down.

Martinez is standing next to Kenny Clark in the A gap. The Ravens have two receivers to the left. We blitz both the slot corner and the inside linebacker on the left, with the coundary corner playing off, and expect Martinez to get from the hash mark to the opposite numbers in the time it takes Jackson to recognize a blitz. Shockingly, this does not happen and Jackson dumps it off to the receiver on the blitz beating curl route for an easy first down and a big play. What the actual hell? -1 Pettine.

Play 26 (1st and 10) 0 yard rush to the left.

Kenny Clark is so good, that he beats the Center cleanly, reads the back, gets around Montravius Adams who is locked in a stale mate with the Guard, and makes the tackle on the running back running B gap a step before Martinez does who has no one in his face. +1 Clark. God Damn

Play 27 (2nd and 10) Incomplete Pass to an open receiver

It's our biggest Achilles heel from last year coming back for us. Safeties isolated against targets in the redzone with no disruption of the offensive player at the line. If you looked at this picture and thought, 'That TE is going to run the 5 yard slant that we are begging him to take,' pat yourself on the back.  Only Jackson being a Kizer-esque scrub on the throw saved this thing. 


Random aside: Am I the only one that's terribly confused that we have a defensive coach who aims to get opposing offenses into 3rd and short situations, and we have an offensive coach who aims to get into 3rd and short situations? Do you think they ever talk about that philosophy?

Play 28 (3rd and 10) Jackson makes both of our starting CBs look scrub-like on a TD scramble that was called back on a terrible block in the back call. No grades because of the penalty. 

Play 28 actually (3rd and 19) Incomplete pass ball batted at the line.

3-man rush with Z. Smith, Gary, and Montravius Adams. Adams tips this ball at the line. Our 8 men in coverage wouldn't have allowed the first down anyway, but it was a nice heads up play at the line. +.5 Adams. 

Play 29 (Field Goal)

Justin Tucker kicks in a 45 yard field goal from the right hash.

Play 30 (Kickoff)

Scared of Sheppard's return prowess, Tucker kicks it 6 yards deep into the endzone, and still puts enough backspin on it that it doesn't bounce out. And yes, I'm lusting after the Ravens kicker.

Play 31 (1st and 10) 15 yard completion to Kumerow.

This time our offense scoped their defense. Somebody recognized the CB blitz coming off the slot. The playaction sucked in the LBs leaving Kumerow with nobody within ten yards of him when he caught this ball. That's heads up football. +.5 Kizer.

Play 32 (1st and 10) 22 yard completion to Kumerow.

Kumerow had the 1v1 matchup with no safety help over the top and absolutely beat the brakes off of Marlon Humprhreys who is a good CB. Great route. (Caveat, I had to go twitter to find this one because it wasn't on the video feed) +1 Kumerow.

Play 33 (1st and 10) Dexter Williams drops a screen pass.

This was gorgeous and might have been a score. Kizer and the line set this up perfectly. -1 Dexter Williams.

Play 34 (2nd and 10) Incomplete pass deep to EQ. 

We throw a deep ball to a blanketed EQ. Very clear that Kizer had decided to throw to EQ before the snap. If we're going vertical, the choice definitely should be MVS against Carr and not EQ vs. Humphreys. I like where the thought process is though of trying to go deep on 2nd down. 

Play 35 (3rd and 10) 22 yard completion to Geronimo Allison.

Allison runs a nice little post route here out of the slot and embarrasses Anthony Levine (hardcore candidate for first team "He's still in the league???" guy). The Ravens rushed 5 out of their pressure package here and the Packers line handled it with grace. Carson even got in on it. +.5 Allison. +.5 Kizer. 

Play 36 (1st and 10) Kizer scramble for a loss of 2.

Deshon Kizer can not escape who he is. He's got an open checkdown to Graham right in front of his face. He's got at least another half second before pressure is going to get to him after Judon gave up on beating Bulaga and run around the entire line. But he can't help himself. He runs into the sack. -1 Kizer.

Play 37 (2nd and 12) loss of 6 on a pitch.

Speaking of not being able to help himself, Matt LaFleur calling for a pitch on 2nd and 12 to the side with our two worst blocking receivers. Stupid games win stupid prizes. -.5 LaFleur

Play 38 (3rd and 18) incomplete pass deep to Graham.

Another blind chuck deep. Graham was at no point even close to open. 

Play 39 (4th and 18) FG is good for Crosby from  43 yards.









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The second play where you show a picture what would Bulaga be because he was whipped clean as can be. He looks lost. I'd say -1. 

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6 minutes ago, Golfman said:

The second play where you show a picture what would Bulaga be because he was whipped clean as can be. He looks lost. I'd say -1. 

It's a plain as day 0 grade. 

What the RT is doing on a run to the left side A gap is entirely irrelevant. So long as he doesn't get beat inside and let his guy break up the play, it doesn't matter. 

His entire checklist is: Did I get beat inside? No. ---> Did I get hurt? No. ---> Good job. And I might even flip that order for preseason.

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1 minute ago, AlexGreen#20 said:

It's a plain as day 0 grade. 

What the RT is doing on a run to the left side A gap is entirely irrelevant. So long as he doesn't get beat inside and let his guy break up the play, it doesn't matter. 

His entire checklist is: Did I get beat inside? No. ---> Did I get hurt? No. ---> Good job. And I might even flip that order for preseason.

He got beat so bad so quick that if the RB hesitates at all, his guy makes the play. 

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2 minutes ago, Golfman said:

He got beat so bad so quick that if the RB hesitates at all, his guy makes the play. 

If the RB hesitates on a G/C Combo block, we have significantly bigger problems, specifically that our G/C combo block that was supposed to be making the hole failed spectacularly in the objective and our back is running into somebody's back anyway. 

It is infinitely more important for Bulaga to protect the inside than it is for him to try and blow an irrelevant defender off the ball. 

What Bulaga did there isn't at all unusual. 

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9 hours ago, Leader said:

So.....at the end of the Still Got A Shot Bowl.......

Who can we say has no more shots?

Dont need reasons. Just need a name.

I don't want to kick anyone off just yet.  But I do think that Kizer solidified himself as the second QB.  I also think Darius Shepherd made himself into a near impossible cut.  Same with Curtis Bolton.

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