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49ers Future - Guest Host Volunteers

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Last Forge & Y2 Show topic for at least a week, I promise...

We're looking for guest hosts! So far @John232 and @mw2noobbuster have each been great guests on our podcast, but we'd love to have more of you join as well. It's not intimidating - all you really need is a Skype and an Internet connection for it to happen - maybe a thing or two to say about the 49ers helps as well. Just about all of the upcoming shows are going to be reviewing a game of some sort, so as long as you watch, you'll have about the same ideas of what to say as the rest of us. I also give you a nice outline so you're nice and prepared for most of what's coming your way. 

So please - join us for the fun!

...especially since @Forge decided to let us know AFTER we announced next week's episode that he wouldn't be around to record it, so for the moment, the show is currently going to feature y2lamanaki and special guest Evil y2lamanaki hosting next week's show. And none of you are prepared for that. 

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4 minutes ago, Forge said:

@N4L where you at?

I am in! PM me for details

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