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Mock Draft 2020 1.0

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On 21/08/2019 at 8:33 PM, Wyld Stallyns said:

Honestly, outside of Taylor playing for Wisconsin and several people talking about Etienne. I don’t really care about RBs because the Colts have bigger priorities. 

AJ Dillon is a big back who could be a powerful presence in a complementary tandem with Mack. Size but also speed, technique and hands. He definitely worth a 1st round pick. Plus, his character fits well with what Ballard do since few years : mature, work ethic and leader. BUt okay, thats your team so im not emphasizing it would be a good pick.

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Chase Young is a great pick! 
Choking MIA with Tua in 2020 is an AMAZING smokescreen! :) We have a more pressing need overall........
Fix the lines in 2020, they have enough capital the next 2 years to do (i'm even ok trading down 'one' of our 1st in 2020 to get more capital in 2021) so with that.... 
Getting a QB (TL) in 2021 *hint hint* 

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At this point, a) I still would expect the Lions to be better than the Cardinals when the season is all said and done. b) Delpit is probably an elite level S but our OL really hurt us in closing out the game against Arizona. I'd rather see us bring in a guy like Walker Little in this spot. Wagner isn't the long-term solution at RT and Decker hasn't proven himself to be the guy at LT deserving of a huge new contract. Assuming we bring back Glasgow, we can slide Wagner, Decker or Little into one of the OG spots for 2020.

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