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Preseason, Week 2: VIKINGS (1-0) vs Seahawks (1-0)


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2 minutes ago, SteelKing728 said:

So did we cut Wile? I'm seeing that Vedvik is punting and has an XP.

Is this right?

No, Wile's still here. Yes, Vedvik is punting. They're pronouncing his name "Corey" which I'm pretty sure isn't right.

Boone, Kearse, and Zylstra have all looked good. Killer Kyle just finished leading us to another touchdown drive. Blasingame took it in this time, and Boone added a 2-point conversion. We're up 25-16!

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SICK looking helmet-to-helmet on Paxton Lynch from Holton Hill that snapped his head sideways. He got up and walked off the field though. J.T. Barrett takes over for him. Demetrius Knox is carted off. A rough drive for Seattle ends in a field goal, and we get the ball up by 6 with three minutes left. 

Boone helps us run down the clock to almost nothing, and Barrett's final play is an interception to our 7th-round pick from last year, Devante Downs. We win, 25-19.

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