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GDT 8/15/19 Preseason Week 2: Baltimore Ravens vs Green Bay Packers

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1 hour ago, DreamKid said:


Yup. Good analysis with that tip. I didn’t agree with people that the pass to Snead was a bad decision like some were saying. Looked like a good anticipation there live.

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On 8/16/2019 at 6:12 PM, DreamKid said:

The Packers' QBs got the ball out quick on a night where our EDGE group had some great wins. 

Wink spoke to this at today's presser. He thinks Green Bay game planned against our pass rush. 

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On 8/16/2019 at 6:12 PM, DreamKid said:

I finished reviewing the 1st Half, here are my notes Series by Series-


OS1-   OL- Stanley-Eluemanor-Skura-Hurst-Browns Jr.

- There was a nice link up between Moore and Jackson that's kind of flying under the radar. Chris got a good release from the slot, team loves using him there, and with a step on Jaire Alexander he caught a pass that had perfect placement from LJ8. Moore and Lamar have great chemistry.

- Chris Moore was open on the drive ending 3rd down pass to Boykin. Lamar was being rushed though, and didn't see him. Still, Moore shows a knack for being able to work back to Jackson when he's extending plays.



- Pierce remains a monster to deal with in the run game, his old form is starting to return- in a big way.

- Green Bay did this really stupid thing where they kept trying to block Pernell with Jimmy Graham, needless to say it failed horribly. McPhee shed him immediately and just missed on a big TFL.

- Judon was jogging on backside pursuit, cardinal sin. McPhee cleaned up the ball carrier and was razor close to a TFL again.

- It was Michael Pierce, not Willie Henry, who tipped the ball that was almost picked by Jefferson.

- On 4th Down it looks like McPhee got a piece of the ball from Kizer. Turnover on Downs.


OS2-   OL- Stanley-Eluemanor-Skura-Yanda-Brown Jr.

- Michael Floyd was out there early.

- Dixon messed up on the RPO fake, Jackson literally did a run fake with air(funny to see). Dixon then leaked immediately because he saw a lot of green and Jackson hit him. This was the play where Dixon had to limp off for a bit.

- ZDS caught Eluemanor leaning, but Jackson rolled to the other side so it didn't matter. Jermaine still plays Guard like a Tackle.

- Giant block by Nick Boyle to help spring Gus Edwards.

- ZDS beat Stanley bad on the Boyle hurdle play, if Lamar hadn't got the ball out quick he would've been crushed. Boyle holding penalty right after his hurdle play.

- 2nd & 11, ZDS beats Stanley again. Would've been a Sack if Lamar hadn't stepped up in the pocket and avoided the pressure. 

- Great 1st Down throw on 3rd & 8 to Snead. Snead wants the ball in the key moments, and Jackson knows it.

- Lamar followed it up with a bad RedZone miss to Hayden Hurst who had room to run. He's gotta hit those. 

- They threw the flag on Snead super late, like they waited to see if Lamar would score just to take it away. Snead had a false start the following play. 



- No one covers Kumerow, easy 1st Down.

- Pierce strong again, he pushes up field. They try and fail again to block McPhee with Graham.

- At the top of the 2nd Quarter they brought Jaylon Ferguson in early and had him rush against David Bakhtiari. He got a good bull on him, and helped force some sloppy execution on a screen pass.

- No Willie Henry until the 2nd Quarter, and it makes sense when you think about. The goal of preseason is to get players work to prepare them for the regular season. We use Henry on passing downs because it's strategically sound. Preseason isn't about strategy. It's smart to have Williams and Pierce get work against the pass in preseason.

- Bowser's first entrance into the game came on 3rd & 10, they dropped him and he took away Jimmy Graham who Kizer wanted. Unfortunately, Kizer moved through his progressions and found someone else for a completion. 

- This game was our first look at Earl Thomas and Tony Jefferson together, and I can confirm that we will be seeing Jefferson once again in single high looks with Thomas around the LOS. That completion on 3rd & 10 came on one such play. Thomas is just going to step into Weddle's role. Unfortunate.

- Judon and Willie execute stunt, Judon has good eyes- sees Kizer trying to scramble out and runs him down for the Sack. Tried to get the ball out too. Judon is great on read and react plays. He loves being clean and having a straight shot/line to the ball. I'd like to see Judon used inside more often. He's not a strong rusher, but his vision in the middle of line would be an asset. If he can't get home, let him hover and react.

- Humphrey sets the edge like a savage, makes the tackle on the HB. Born to be a Raven.

- 3rd & 18, We roll out some interesting personnel. Judon-Ricard-McPhee-Bowser. The Packers got the ball out too quick for it amount to anything, but it was cool to see. Looks like they wanted to get Ricard involved against the Pack's 1s. Marlon had good coverage on Graham.


OS3-  OL- Eluemanor-Mekari-Bozeman-Powers-Brown Jr

- Nothing of note. Quick 3 & out.



- Packer's 2nd team OL comes in. Pierce and Judon immediately beat their blocks and Kenny Young secures the TFL.

- We blitzed Cyrus Jones a couple times and he looked pretty good doing it.

- Clark had a good TFL.

- Tim Williams debuted on this series, but they took him out on 3rd & 13. Sure he loved that lol.

- Great Play from Judon. He sniffed out a weak side screen from SAM, and flew over to make the tackle. Would've had the TFL if he didn't hesitate. I saw Wink and the players all coming up to him after, you won't see that play very often. Clearly GB was trying to counter our pass rush and Judon saw it the whole way.


OS4-  OL- Eluemanor-Mekari-Bozeman-Powers-Brown Jr.

- Mekari got beat for a TFL. 

- Chris Moore was lights out on the drive and during the whole game. He's too talented to play against 2s.



Bowser beats RT#72 with inside fake and speed chop, was real close to a Safety. The Packers' QBs got the ball out quick on a night where our EDGE group some great wins. 

- Timmy and Tyus both win with inside counters

- 2nd & 16, Pierce(Still in the game) blew up everything in the backfield to wreck the play almost by himself, Alaka cleaned up the ball carrier while Ferg and Bowser swarmed.

- Bowser crashes inside for what would have been a good pressure, but once again the QB got the ball out. Good series for Tyus.


OS5- OL- Eluemanor-Mekari-Bozeman-Powers-Brown Jr.

- Justice Hill is twitched up out of his mind. He can create for himself better than any of our other backs, by far. 7 Yard Run.

- Hill made the Tackle on Trace's INT.



- Bowser and Wormley team up for a great stunt, and Ferg has another strong bull rush. QB got the ball out.

- The first time one of the Packers' QBs holds the ball longer than 2 seconds, Timmy hits home with the big QBH. Quick swim to beat the LT instantly and then he blows by the guard. Strong enough hit on the QB to where he could've been flagged, which I approve of. QB got the ball out and hit his man, but DeShon Elliot ripped it away from him. Beastly work from our young safety. 


OS6-  OL- Eluemanor-Mekari-Bozeman-Powers-Brown Jr.

- Great 10 Yard scamper by Hill to end the half.


Random Notes

- Senat was out, so Eluemanor was back at 2nd Team LT.

- Jaleel Scott had a tackle on Punt & Kick coverage. He could be the team's most improved player from last season.

My 2nd Half Notes-



- Shane Ray debuted on this Series.

- 3rd Team OL in for the Packers. Ricard and Ferguson get great push and Jaylon secures TFL.

- Ricard gets great push again and hauls in fumble off botched exchange between GB QB & HB.


OS7-   OL- Eluemanor-Mekari-Bozeman-Powers-Prince

- Justice Hill gets 5 Yards after initial contact, keeps leg moving and almost falls in for the score.

- Hill scores next run, showcases his balance and bend.

- Mekari pulled on both runs and looked better doing it than he had previously.

- Ezeala has the same number as Chris Board, it's weird to see. Both he and Ricard were on the field for Hill's TD. Double FB on em.



- Packers go RPO fake. Ricard beats his man, and ILB Grisby could've at least had a QBH if he hadn't hesitated when blitzing.

- 3rd & 10, we roll out Ray-Ricard-Henry(Still In)-Bowser. Ray drops, Henry gets a good pressure, and Bowser runs the arc with a nice rip on the LT. Delayed blitz by Alvin Jones too. QB gets the ball out. Shane Ray and Brynden Trawick miss tackles, and Bennett Jackson cleans up the ball carrier.

- Packers HB performs a nice cut back for 13 yards. Missed tackle by Grisby, but a holding call brings it back. Ricard, Henry, or both forced the call.

- Nice rush by Shane Ray who's lined up inside over a guard. QB throws the pass at his TE's feet.

- Very interesting look on 3rd & 12. Ray-Ferguson-Henry-Bowser. Alvin Jones shades the Center, we bring six with both he and Trawick blitzing. Bowser goes speed to power and puts the LT on skates(Almost knocked him over completely). Ferg had the RG on one leg moving backwards. RT#70 stops his feet, and Shane Ray runs by him for the QBH.


OS8-  OL-  Eluemanor-Mekari-Bozeman-Powers-Prince

- 17 Yard Pass to Jaleel Scott. Looks like the ball hit the ground. Scott had his man beat and Trace threw it low. Should've been out in front of him, he had room to run. They rushed the next play to avoid having the catch reviewed. 

- Hill bounces run outside and loses his shoe. Wesley could've stuck with his block, it looked like he didn't know Hill switched directions. At the start of the play Jaleel was lined up incorrectly, I'm assuming he wasn't able to hear the call as he rushed back from the spot of his catch, and Rookie TE Charles Scarff aligned him properly. Nice heads up work from the Rookie.

- McSorley felt pressure and pulled the ball down. Powers flagged for a hold when Trace leaked out.

- 3rd &14, Great rep for Mekari. Trace rolled out to the left and Mekari followed him like a moving force field. Bought McSorley at least 3.5 extra seconds.



- Timmy was blocked effectively by the LT on a 20+ Yard Run from Darrin Hall. The play before he shed his blocker to tackle Hall for no gain at the LOS. Williams has improved his ability against the run, but he can still be better.

- Great push from Henry and Mack. Grisby and Alaka team up for the stop.

- Sick tackle by Alaka on WR screen attempt.

- Cyrus Jones beat multiple times on this drive.

- Averett lost his man on the TD throw, got distracted by bunching on left side of the field I guess.


OS9-  OL- Eluemanor-Powers-Mekari-Bozeman-Prince

- Bozeman pulls and helps Rashan Gary to the ground. Didn't look like Gary knew where the run was going. Ricard blocked and removed LB#54 from the play lol. Hill gets 5+ yards after contact- again.

- Prince gets beat immediately, but Hill's jump cut makes the man in the hole miss. He nets 14 yards on what should've been a negative play. He's going to be a weapon for us.

- Great blocking by Jaylen Smith on Trace's 4th & 1 keeper.

- Mekari at Center, pulls and buries LB#44. DeLance gets 4 on the play.

- Powers has a true finisher mentality with his blocks. From the Ryan Jensen school of extra.



- Alvin Jones blitzes and gets the Sack, but Ricard would've got it if Jones hadn't. You would've won the Sack prediction if not for Alvin Jones @diamondbull424. Ricard was dummy close. He's been our most impactful 2nd String DI- by far.

- Daylon Mack disrupts a screen by getting to the QB so quick.

- Willie Henry is still playing(In the 4th Quarter).


OS10-   OL- Eluemanor-Powers-Mekari-Bozeman-Prince

- DeLance pops a 21 Yard Run. Breaks a tackle at the end for good measure.

- Ervin takes a swing pass for 7 Yards, breaks a tackle himself.

- Antoine Wesley catches a short pass, makes two guys miss, and puts his head down for a toughly earned 5 yards.

- Trace targets Jaleel on an Out Route. The ball has no drive and is almost picked. Tough throw for QBs with poor arm talent.



- Alaka is no joke downhill, he gets the TFL. Adeoye involved as well.

- Daylon and Ricard beat their blocks immediately to blow up the run in the backfield, Adeoye goes unblocked and helps clean up.

- Shane Ray gets monster push on inside rush, puts the RG at the QB's doorstep. 


OS11-  OL- Applefield-Williams-Vahe-Williams Jr.-Prince

- 3rd String OL comes in. Callahan does as well, uncorks bomb to Antoine Wesley who hauls it in. The Packers challenge for OPI, but the Refs deem Wesley's hand usage masterful- not illegal. 

- R.J. Prince gives up a Sack.



- Gerald Willis III debuted on this series..at 5:30 in the 4th Quarter. 

- Nice PBU from SJB at SCB.

- Packers flagged with back to back false starts.

- Willis III hustles to make the tackle on a screen pass. OPI on the Packers, they're flagged again.

- Willis III wins immediately with his quick swim, but the HB bounces the run outside. Great pursuit by Sieler. Alaka gets the tackle.

- 3rd & 15, Aaron Adeoye gets the Sack. Just the runs the arc and dips, easy money. Adeoye is playing his way onto our PS.


OS12-   OL- Applefield-Williams-Vahe-Williams Jr.-Prince

- Tough 7 Yard run by Ervin, so many broken tackles on the night by our guys. 

- Vahe and Callahan fumble the snap twice in a row to kill the drive. 4th Quarter Preseason Football FTW.



- Sieler gets back to back tackles to the end the game, last one was either a TFL or for no gain.

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To follow up on DK’s thorough walkthrough.

My notes:


I had a little crush on Cyrus Jones in the draft as a cornerback, but he seems to be a step behind in coverage – I had hoped for a better showing, but with Youngs injury, Jones is worth more than Ervin and seems like a roster lock now.

Averett seems better suited outside – with how Humphrey does in tight quarters, he and Carr could fill that Tavon Young role with Averett moving outside. I still believe we have decent cornerback depth.

If Boyle goes down, I have confidence in Ricard being able to handle TE blocking duties. In general I have confidence in Ricard being a big, brutal man against anyone he lines up against, and despite athletic limitations, he is a versatile player we who could see a lot of snaps – unless we are as healthy as last year.

Justice Hill will takes snaps away from someone – looks a lot better than he did in college and I believe we finally have the type of runningback who can be a homerun threat

Mekari seems a little inconsistent, and I wonder what their plan are with him. Redshirt him or try to stash him on PS. I think Bozeman is safe along with Powers, which leaves Mekari to battle with Eluemunor and Senat. Eluemunor might have the edge as of now based on how well he did in limited time as a LT last year. Could be they try to get him as comfortable inside, because they feel he can do enough in a pinch on the outside.

Jaleel Scott had a decent amount of special teams impact which should help him.

Wesley seems like a player who we think will be snatched up instantly, but there is so much wide receiver talent in the league, I could see him staying there and being able to get a redshirt year where he can pack on pounds. Even if we cut/lose him, there are so many great receivers in next years class that I doubt it will have much of an impact. Keeping potential at dline and oline is imo more important.

Willis could be the guy they chose to give a roster spot over a player like Wesley. I haven’t seen enough from him or Mack to determine whether they will get a spot or be shut down for the year. They both seem like obvious backups to types we have, but will lose next year (Henry/Pierce)

Olaka is getting some love, and I like what I see from him. I have not seen him chasing sideline to sideline or in coverage, but if he can be a beast on special teams and provide a heavy, physical runstopping role in short yardage situations, there might be a spot for him.

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9 hours ago, Danand said:

If Boyle goes down, I have confidence in Ricard being able to handle TE blocking duties. In general I have confidence in Ricard being a big, brutal man against anyone he lines up against, and despite athletic limitations, he is a versatile player we who could see a lot of snaps – unless we are as healthy as last year.

Ricard is a weapon for us, plain and simple. He was the top blocking FB in the league when he first took up at the position and he looks even stronger now. There's no justification for not activating and making use of him on gameday at this point. 

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FWIW I think we redshirt Gerald Willis. He could stand to improve against the run, he also fell due to character concerns, a redshirt year gives him time to improve physically as well as time to ensure the team that his character won’t be a concern moving forward.

Our other stash player I can see is CB Iman Marshall, even with injuries there’s little clear cut path to him seeing the field with as much depth ahead of him. Between: Jimmy, Marlon, Carr, Anthony, Bethel, Cyrus, and Canady (if he makes the team).

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13 minutes ago, diamondbull424 said:

FWIW I think we redshirt Gerald Willis. He could stand to improve against the run, he also fell due to character concerns, a redshirt year gives him time to improve physically as well as time to ensure the team that his character won’t be a concern moving forward.

The team barely played him against GB, and I'm not sure why. A redshirt year makes sense for Willis III. I question if he's the type to go along with it though. 

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