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Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - 2020 NBA Champions #ForeverKobe


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Wondering what some of you guys think of all this.

Tim is definitely a student of the game. He studies play calling across the league and has MUCH more knowledge on it than I do.

The fact he is so low on what Luke runs scares me. 

I wonder why we don't bring in an offensive mind to add to the staff to help mitigate Luke's lack of X & O's knowledge?

Don't think we have a defensive specialist on the staff either which isn't great.

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23 hours ago, CWood21 said:

I'm not really sure that anyone ever argued that Walton was a big X's and O's guy.

I don't think he's stating that someone is arguing that he is that. 

He's saying that since Luke isn't a plus in that area that means we need to bring someone in that is or steal plays from other teams to get the best out of our players (specifically Lonzo) and if he isn't gonna do that, then he is a detriment to the team.

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