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Preseason Game 2 - KC @ PIT

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2 hours ago, samsel23 said:

Has Allen actually played C for Reid before?  Thought he was the LG/RG/RT guy.

Zach Fulton was always there for the Center spot.

Not that my memory is all that great to begin with.



This sounds right from what I remember. Although I think Stephenson was more the swing tackle.

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I think you were right in the first place. Allen has played Center in a pinch as an injury sub. But it wasn't for long. He's best at Guard.



For teams interested in Allen, they would be getting a player with starting reps at left guard and right guard, center and right tackle. The blindside is pretty much the only place into which Allen could not step in, making him a valuable member of a roster in need of potential help in numerous places.



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Just had a chance to watch the game. What I think:

Sloppy execution of the #1 offense. Mahomes' passes were off by a mile at times.
Thompson looks really good. Needs to play a lot. Darrell Williams and Hyde may have to fight for the #3 RB job.
On the first drive the Chiefs didn't have any TE block. Empty backfield twice? Experimenting?

On defense, Ben Niemann was around the ball quite a bit. Front 7 looks much improved over last year.

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