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Redskins vs Falcons Gameday Thread - Preseason Week 3 (8/22/19)


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Big issue w/ injuries to these WRs. Hopefully if they can't go week 1, the young WRs are ready to step up unlike the guys we had here last year.

At least it sounds like PRich is close. If he can't go Thursday, it doesn't sound like he should be an issue for Philly in week 1.

Now Quinn, I'm beginning to be down on him. I don't want to be, but he hasn't been available for the team much so far.  Injuries happen and it's hard to sometimes avoid them but I really need to see him out there soon.

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7 minutes ago, Woz said:

In theory, it would be Kidsy (per the depth chart), but we'll see if Steven Sims has jumped up or not.

I didn't realize that, I thought he was playing on the outside more.  

4 minutes ago, MKnight82 said:

In a real game?  I would put Chris Thompson out there.  

I agree, but Gruden is too set in his ways to do that.  Would be nice to see Guice and Thompson on the field at the same time.  

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