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Week 1 GDT: Chiefs @ Patriots

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New forum ✔️

New Season ✔️

NFL Thursday night kickoff✔️


Eager to see if Reid brings anything new to the offense, but a healthy front 7 (finally) will make this game fun to watch.


Let's kick this season off right boys!

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9 hours ago, valkrei said:

Ha Game day thread a few days early... yea I am excited as well.  Can we pressure Brady?  I agree with Houston we gotta hit the guy some for sure.

Just trying to get some discussion going haha.  Last year our GDT threads only got to 3-4 pages seemed like.


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Even if Solder plays, his last outing was a great impression of a turnstile. 

Your front 7 obviously worries me, and that is why I think we'll play a very quick passing game. AR will know this, so we may see press coverage or some kind of package to take away slants/flats etc. We'll spread with maximum receivers at times to force you into taking some linebackers off in favour of DBs. I think you'll move the ball, and I expect it to be close. 4 points in it.

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