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Preseason Week 3 - GDT - SF 49ers @ KC Chiefs

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The Kansas City Chiefs (1-1) will play host at Arrowhead Stadium to the San Francisco 49ers (2-0)

Saturday at 8:00 p.m. ET in NFL Preseason Week 3 action.

We should see the most out of both starting units that we’ve seen this preseason.




Next for 49ers’ Garoppolo is an ‘eerie’ return to Kansas City


#49ers Kyle Shanahan: Jimmy Garoppolo should play first half Saturday at #Chiefs



Time to go into a hostile environment and kick some chumps around, yes yes. 



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This is a great GDT. I formally pass the torch to my main man, @oldman9erfor all future GDTs. It's goof to have that passionate fan back. I'm glad you are buying back in to this team! A friend of mine is a die-hard who just got out of the Marines, and he basically hasn't watched us since the first few games of tomsula. He is back on board as well. I'll take those as good omens (even if that makes me naive lol) 

I guess all it took for oldie to come back for real was to have Alex Smith shatter his leg lol 

Life is a loop, and JIMMY is back in KC. Let's have a bounce back week 

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The 49ers have never left me heart... yet I have never been a monogamous sports fan. Alex Smith is my boy, and I wish him the best. I'm glad he's getting paid well for his troubles, and wanted him to retire after 2017. That said, the Chiefs and Skins were and are but a side dish.. just as the 49ers became.. during the 2013-14 seasons. Very glad that era is over and gone.. and yeah, I sure do like what Shanny's cooking these days. :)


NO passed torch. I didn't know you were holding the GDT torch as yours? either way, I commit to no such thing week to week. :P 

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Every human has a place or venue that brings back painful memories or nightmares. It might be school, a place where someone got dumped, or maybe a particular street or highway where someone gets into an accident. For Jimmy Garoppolo, that place might just be Arrowhead Stadium. The last time he stepped on the turf in Kansas City -- Garoppolo tore his ACL on a scramble while trying to cut back -- ending his 2018 campaign. And yet, that is where he and the 49ers are headed Saturday as they take on the Chiefs for each team's third preseason game.


My simple brain never gave this a thought, until now. For a preseason game.. there is likely more psychological gymnastics at play than usual for our boy Jimmy. 

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1 minute ago, 49erurtaza said:

Garnett isn't playing and we will continue to have terrible interior play on the oline. Not that Garnett is any good but this is a huge issue with our depth. We might need to trade for some better backup players.

Yeeeesh. Chris Jones gonna feast, if he is playing. :(  

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Excited to see our secondary against this receiving core.

Alright Jimmy G, you got the rust off on Monday, time to ball today.

Would LOVE to see Deebo with the starters. Go with Pettis/Goodwin on the outside and Deebo in the slot. Though I suspect Matthews gets the start at the slot.

Ward getting the start at FS? 

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