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49ers Future Podcast Episode VIII - Now Available (9/17/19 - Bengals Game) - Check First Post

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Your best pod yet. You guys are the only pod really giving Jeff Wilson any love. If he can really solidify himself as a goalline converter, it could be huge for us and really open up the offense in the RZ. 


Also, i'm not sure there's a player (non-star/Long snapper/Punter)  In FF49er history that's as loved as Blair. Especially since our forums opinion, on the whole has been completely different from seemingly every coaching staff up until the past 2 games. I am so glad he's finally getting recognized. Pretty much from day 1 he's been rotational ready and has consistently performed his job when asked. By all account he's a coach on the field and he can play pretty much every position and do it well. Him and Armstead were reason enough to not draft Thomas, but despite Thomas' failings, he's locked down whatever spot we've needed too when times are rough. If we can extend the big guys and retain Blair for 3-4 years, I will be ecstatic. 

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