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Final CUT

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3 minutes ago, wwhickok said:

That's mainly because elite returnmen are rare. When AB was doing it, he often got huge gains if he had space to work with. But also, it would sort of seem that punts have become somewhat easier to block..maybe I'm wrong and I just think there has been more than there has?

Also. you're not allowed to block a guy that isn't looking right at you (ridiculous) which has hindered returns to a degree.  

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5 minutes ago, wwhickok said:

What I'm saying I guess is that the league has become more aggressive in tactics and as such the 'special' stuff isnt the same

I think it's more that punters have become better and better at combining hang time and distance.  The ability to kick the ball far and get your teammates under it helps.  There was a time you could get one or the other.  And when you get one or the other; big returns happen.

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