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2019 Official Cut down thread

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21 hours ago, J-ALL-DAY said:

I'm not saying Young is good or anything, but he looked decent in his limited time in the preseason and the beat writers said he looked solid in practice. I mean look, we have one of the best bookend duos in the game, but if one of them go down, we are royally screwed. No doubt about that. But no need to go out and sign guys like Mills when you could just bring back Young who at least knows the offense well. 

I agree with all of this, but I have to feel like the team knows the fit best. If they don't think it is Young, then it doesn't really matter what you, I, or the beat writers think.

That said, it is possible that Young was cut for Week 1 with the expectation that he is brought back for next week and no longer has his contract guaranteed. One would hope he wouldn't be needed in the first week, so I could see the team taking that one game risk. 

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