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The Indianapolis Colts....

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Now, what do ya do? You got a team in a weak division. Do you bail? Half ___ ? Or make a move. The division is yours. Seemingly. Houston only. Jacksonville. Not sold on Foles in a power run scheme with no WRs when he is a spread QB. Tennessee will hang around and steal games. If the Colts bail, 7-9 could win it. It's that bad. 

The team is too good to get up in that top 3 to get some of the top 3 QBs. Given Detroit. Arizona. OAK. NYG w/Eli. WAS. CIN. 

I think the only move is to make a move. They've been acquiring picks over the last few days. They're gonna make a move. Getting a QB for a 5th doesn't make much sense. Is he better than what you got?


I got a few offers. Naturally. 


Offer One: give you Rudolph for your two 2nd rd picks (IND, WAS)

Offer Two: give you Dobbs for a 5th. 

Note: any draft pick swaps on Dobba will be shut down. I'll keep my depth. 


The question is on Rudolph. He is starter capable. The question is do you just cash out now?

You could make a move for Patrick Peterson and solidify the secondary. Possibly add a TE. Maybe both. Help the team now. Or you can have three 2nd's, which is nut worthy. Plus, the conditional and play for the future. 


What do you think??

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I think you’re on to something, but not taking it far enough.

They should trade Rudolph and Ben and Dupree for Dwight Freeney and all of their picks. Shores up their pass rush, gets rid of that one guy we all hate, and gives us a nice stash of picks for next year.

They’ll never do it, because Colbert is an idiot, but we can dream.

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Sooooo I guess the Texans decided to trade their whole team. This did not age well. 

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