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12 minutes ago, Rgossett07 said:

Bengals taking Chase would be a very Bengal thing to do. They have two very good WR, one in which they got last year that looks the part of a top flight #1 in Tee Higgins.  If I’m a Bengals fan, it’s Sewell and no one else.  It’s a no brainer. They could het Marshall at top of the 2nd if they are that hard up for an LSU WR.

My thinking too. Chase is the top wr in this class in my opinion but he doesn't strike me as a, must draft, once in a generation, prospect. I would think protecting Burrow (the franchise) would be at the top of the list, it might be different if he wasn't coming off a major injury.  If anything they may deviate and go Pitts rather than spend the draft capital investing in Joe Burrows protection. I think that is a short sighted view though, better line also means better run game which protects Burrow as well if he isn't having to drop back as often or scramble constantly. 

I just don't see WR or TE as a position of need at 5 for the Bengals, It is a deep WR draft if they feel it is necessary. Pitts may cause them to roll the dice though. 

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