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Trombone Champ Thread(and other random games if you really want to)


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10 minutes ago, steadypimpin said:

I bought my kids Rayman Legends after we got done with Rayman Origins. I gotta say these games are so fun and addicting. I never knew about them until they released it on games with gold.

I also never played a Rayman game until it released on PS4/XB1. I admit bought it for myself but had a lot of fun so i'll definitely buy the next one that releases. 

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On 7/23/2017 at 0:59 AM, skywindO2 said:

Unity had a terrible launch and that's all I really heard about it. Looking into it now, the parkour and combat were noticeably improved apparently and it has me intrigued. 

In some ways yeah. Combat is actually challenging and it's easy to die. Parkour is better in some ways but super stiff at times. I love love love the AC series but I am not in love with Unity. The release glitches are mostly solved but it still just feels off in some ways. Might just be it's hard going from Black Flag which I think is the best to this which is one of the more forgettable 

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1 hour ago, Bednarik60 said:

How was FInal Fantasy XV for Xbox One? 

Any RPG suggestions? ( i have Skyrim, The Witcher III, Fallout 4, Fable 2, Final Fantasy Type-O) 

Haven't played XV yet, but people have been relatively disappointed.

Are you XBONE only? Because PS4 has had a few good ones this year. (TZA, HZD, Nioh)

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