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So It Begins... Steelers Visit the Patriots

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12 hours ago, Money said:

Don't you get it?!???

Munchak doesn't wanna be there

Brown doesn't wanna be there

Bell doesn't wanna be there

Colbert doesn't wanna be there


It's a dysfunctional family, so they all want out.

And the only thing that must stay is Ben and Tomlin. They know that ain't it. So, they want out. It ain't been it for a decade. 

It's Ben. It's Tomlin. That's your dysfunction. And that's the first layer.

Then Butler - that cupcake eating MF. Danny Smith - that bubble gum munching no coaching CS. Fichtner - are you even serious with this guy as more than a HS Head Coach.... at Hopewell. These problems can be overcome. If you have the right pieces at the top. 

Top - Down. It's just broken. 

do you know how rare it is for a coaching position to open up in the same city as your family? "

interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Tuesday afternoon. “When this opportunity came up to work in a city with my daughter, her husband, my granddaughter and my other daughter not far away in L.A., that’s what we wanted.

“I’m not 30 or 40 years old anymore. I’m 58 and different things become important as you age."

brown didnt want to be in buffalo or oakland...he clearly has a social/behavior disorder...using him as an indicator on team culture is pure stupidity..

the steelers aren't a team that allows the head coach to run anything in the front office...being a coach in pittsburg means you have less front offfice power than any coach in the league...thats how its ran here. its strict but fair. colbert is the culture.


its week one...our biggest problem is we went for cheap during free agency...we are paying for it




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5 hours ago, warfelg said:

Uhhhh.....Wynn was regarded as the best LT prospect in 2018.  It's not like he was getting worked over by a bad UDFA LT.

"He's what you want from a tackle but he's not even going to come in at 6'3 so that's (stinks). He'll be a good player for a team who wants athletic guards. You might even see a team draft him as a center since he's stronger than a lot of the centers you will see in this draft." - NFC area scout



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11 minutes ago, SMashMouthMike said:

I don't think that Ben has the knee cartilage to operate under center anymore. Not good.

been thinking about this for awhile. wish we ran more PA from under center but I don't think Ben can physically do it consistently.

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I really still have a lot of faith in the defense. Often our defenses problems lay at the feet of the offense. Collinsworth said it last night, we have a lot of young guys learning on the fly. They'll improve by the end of the year and be one of the better squads in the league. 

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