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Colts and QB Brian Hoyer agree to 3 yr deal

Wyld Stallyns

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I think this move gives the Colts a tremendous amount of security behind Jacoby. Hoyer has to offer an incredible amount of NFL knowledge to offer Brissett as Jacoby begins to cement himself as the long term starter. And here is the real bonus - Hoyer can still play at a high level.

Hoyer, when he was with the Browns, wasn't interested at all in being a "mentor" to Johnny Manziel. Some of our local media at the time painted Hoyer in a less than flattering light because of that.

I would counter that with these three points.

First, I would guess that Brian knew on a much deeper level about Johnny's bigger desire than football was being the life of any party. He knew that his NFL career was going to flame out, and by his own hand. Even if he did try to counsel Johnny on his NFL journey, he knew the desire to party would win out.

Secondly, he knew that Johnny did not have the desire to go along with talent to survive in this league. He knew that him being drafted at all had to come on the orders of Jimmy Haslam and carried out by his lieutenants. No way he wanted to attach his name to either of these first two cases.

Finally, all that happened in 2014 - five years ago. At the time, Brian was more focused on playing himself in the NFL. But now, we are five years further into his career. He now realizes that he has much more career behind him than in front of him. He is in a much more stable situation than the **** show he was in back in Cleveland in 2014. Mentally, I think Brian is in a much better and more pleasant place now - and therefore more receptive to helping Jacoby along with the Colts coaches.

I cannot see a downside to this move.


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