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Picking 5th overall (12 team) strategy help


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9 hours ago, Forge said:

strong numbers is relative. We'd need more data with regards to the type of league it is. In a ppr league, he was 10th for running backs in points per game. Not bad, certainly not worth #5 pick. Bigger problem is that there were also 10 receivers who average more points per game than he did, not to mention 2 tight ends. Davante adams outscored him on a ppg basis by 5 points. That's huge. 

In standard leagues, he finished as the #9 running back with only 3 receivers higher than him,  so obviously that would justify a late first, early second round pick. Not sure that I would love him at #5, but it's certainly more palatable given that two of the running backs ahead of him were Gordon and Hunt. 

Oh were we talking about #5...

Yea I'm shutting up now, Mixon at 5 is no go

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