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2020 nfl mock drafts thread

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11 hours ago, Tugboat said:

You need to start planning for the Mayor of Sacksonville to retire, because it's coming...sooner, rather than later.  Buy yeah.  Let him play it out until he can't play no more.  Plan to replace him though, proactively...

Ya but that 15 million could be used to 1) extend ngakoue

2) could be used to get an upgrade at cb like byron jones ect....

3) could be used to give minshew a good te. 

I like campbell but 17.5 is a bit steep for him and we might not need him depending on what happens with marrone

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16 hours ago, Tugboat said:

Yeah.  If they can't do something about Dareus potential caphit, he'll be gone for sure.  They'll have options on that though.  Ways to get that number back down to a more reasonable figure.  Quality NT who can offer something outside the run game aren't the easiest thing to come by, and looking in the draft is often tricky because there are few, and they take a while to adjust to that role at the highest level.


Calais though, i don't see why they'd get rid of him, unless he starts to look completely out of gas toward the end of the year or something.  He's too important in too many ways, and still looks like he can play.  With Jalen gone, and other salary likely out the door as well...what else are we realistically going to spend that $15M on that's better than what Calais can still offer?

Do need to be looking forward though, and finding replacements for these guys, even if they are still on the roster for another year.

Question in prospectively replacing Calais down the line...is what exactly we'd need to be replacing, component-wise.  Depending on what happens with management and coaching...we could be looking at a different scheme altogether.  At the very least, with Yan and Josh as edge rushers...we could be looking to replace Dareus with more of a true 3T.  Might not need that versatility of Calais.  Just really hard to pin down.

Derrick Brown looks like a legit potential nt with pass rush ability. 

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