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Where Does 2019 Pre-Season Hype Rank?

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There are only so many teams who can match up with NE. Who has a great QB and elite DBs? There just aren't many if any. I think LA is probably the closest but Goff isn't great, he is pretty good. Other than that you got a few teams with great QBs but their secondaries are average. Secondary is also the weak point for Dallas and PHI. KC is the most dangerous team but they are flawed. They are trying to get into a track meet with everyone. That said, I think the Pats could limit them somewhat and we would still score a lot of points. Everyone is flawed there isn't really that one team out there that we should fear atm. 

Even if the offense is just good, they don't even need to score 37 per game like in 07, and scores between 28 and 30 points per game, they rarely lose. This defense is elite. Mostly because of the secondary. Guys just aren't going to get open against our DBs. There won't be many games where they will give up more than 20-21 points.

This 2019 team is really unique and not really comparable to any prior NE team. Secondary is as good as it has been in 03 but they now add a great passing offense to that.

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