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The Gardner Minshew Thread: All Hail the Stache

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I absolutely love Minshew's personality and attitude.  He does seem like the right sort of guy to come off the bench and salvage something of the season.  He seems to be the type of person they'll rally around at least.  And he looked...surprisingly competent coming in cold off the bench.  Pretty much the best you could ask for out of a guy in that situation, and then some really.  Very early returns, and even his resume coming out of the draft suggest we may have stumbled upon a solid long-term character backup QB.

I'm just not so sure he has the raw ability to sustain that for the next 8-10 weeks.  Against defenses that aren't one of the most porous units in the league last year, significantly rearranged and probably still coming together in the first place.  And against defenses that will be scheming and preparing for him all week.


Here's hoping he can pull a rabbit out of a hat.  Would be thrilled to see the moustache succeed and make this not a writeoff season for the Jaguars.  Just not holding my breath.  Also very much hope if things do inevitably go sideways, it doesn't end up shattering his confidence and wrecking him for the future.  'Cause it's always fun to have that type of fun, easy to root for "character" around the game...rather than the selfish AB type of "characters" who are really hard to cheer for.

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3 hours ago, .Buzz said:

Cole is too damn good. Even Barstool posted it.

Well i'm hyped now.  Though lmao...You put that song behind pretty much anything, and i'll likely get hyped about it tbh.  Limp Bizkit doing the Mission Impossible theme is probably one of the single greatest things to happen to my generation.


Barstool kinda sucks though.  Not hyped about that.  Not even Limp Bizkit can fix that.

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32 minutes ago, Tugboat said:

Yeah.  I got nothing but love for Cole.  Just Barstool running with it doesn't lend a lot of credence with me.

Yeah, I hate Barstool too but still cool to see Cole get recognized for the video from a major outlet.

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