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1 hour ago, DreamKid said:

Lamar summing it up


Good thing we werent the Nickelodeon game, else the 10 non-Ravens fans that didn’t hate this team for “insert X reason” would definitely hate us too by now... though maybe we’d earn an entire generation of Ravens fans in the process.

Didn’t Samuel L Jackson do the intro for our game? If so, makes sense... 😂

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1 hour ago, AFlaccoSeagulls said:


Add Kurt Warner to the list of people who question our passing concepts.

Oh yeah he did this before the Bills game. He called out Roman for the atrocity of the Titans game. Someone else posted a clip. Maybe @DreamKid? You’d think this would be the death knell for Roman, but Cam Cameron stuck around well past his expiration date.


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I’ll just post this in both threads because it’s relevant to both. With this being the Lamar thread I’ll post my Lamar centric analysis.

Getting this All-22 breakdown of our passing attack vs the Bills, I think it’s clear that now that Lamar really needs to be drilled and work on his pocket footwork. It’s too aggressive, it’s not calm, it’s like a ducks feet fluttering in the water.

He has certainly improved on his base from his time at UofL, he’s still up on his toes a little too much, but not nearly as much as he was in college.

In terms of the Bills breakdown, pretty brutal. There were throws for Lamar to make. Looking at his head, you get the sense that has was always keeping his head in the direction of Tyre Phillips and Ben Powers, which tells me he was overly concerned about pressure. Going back to his UofL tape and you see the same panic when pressured, only his technique is far better and he can still deliver more on target throws at the NFL level.

Since this is the Lamar thread I won’t touch on the Roman portion.

Edit: One thing that you notice about Lamar’s UofL tape is how much more decisive he is with the ball. He drops back, makes his reads and gets the ball out. There are occasions where he holds it on long developing plays, but when he does it’s generally not a good thing. He seems to be more comfortable in that Drew Brees space than in that Patrick Russell Wilson intermediate to deep space.

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I said during the game that Lamar seemed to be slower at reading the field/going through his progressions, but that video shows it was worse than I thought. Far too often he wasn't anticipating WRs coming open and he even occasionally appeared to see wide open WRs in the flats and just ignored them.

There was also heaps of looking one way, then the other and back again during his reads which goes against everything I've read/seen/heard about how QB progressions are supposed to work.  Either the scheme is putting in the reads wrong, Lamar is trying too hard to look off defenders, or he is doing his own thing/locking onto receivers to his detriment.

Also his inability/reticence to throw to the deep right side line really showed itself on a couple of those plays too (at least once on that crappy 4 WR slot outs play, and the one where Andrews ran a corner route and Lamar underthrew him because he was too worried about pressure).  

Whatever is the cause, it needs to get fixed this off-season, because if it doesn't, this offense will continue to struggle against zone defenses and will struggle to be successful in the passing game

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One thing that caught my eye a couple of weeks ago was Joshua Harris - Lamar's personal QB coach - telling The Athletic that the pandemic meant they only only got to do about '10 percent' of the work they did the previous offseason. We already know how big an impact the 2019 offseason had on Lamar in terms of setting him up for his big breakout year, and I think it's also safe to assume that the restrictions of this past offseason played a part in some of the mechanics issues we saw from Lamar throughout the year. 

Unfortuately COVID isn't exactly behind us yet but hopefully Lamar is able to have closer to a 'normal' offseason to get ready for next year. 

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This isn’t a question of Lamar’s work ethic as I think he will come back better next season but I feel like he and especially Hollywood might have gotten a bit too high after last season and thought things would be easy. It seemed like we were playing a bit too loose at times whereas in his MVP season Lamar was more dialled in on his mechanics. I have faith in both to have huge years next season (Hollywood was a couple overthrows away from 11-12 tds imo) 

We had a super tough season and our team showed a lot of resiliency. Most of our issues seem like young team issues, I just hope the work is put in where our team synergy is better next year. 

Edit: but can we please get this man a big and fast receiver who is already proven and maybe some investment in the offensive line.I feel like we have the young nucleus where the future is bright but there are things we can do right now to make ourselves contenders.

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