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Lamar Jackson QB1


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6 hours ago, M.10.E said:

Unfortunately the season isn't only 8 games long. He was straight bad to end the season. Somewhere around 40-44M a year for 4 years. 

Yeah, he was definitely bad during the second half before the injury. Even with that said, it hard for me to just say he completely regressed when even though only half a season, was playing out his mind in the beginning and more than a sample size.

1 hour ago, AFlaccoSeagulls said:

I think it's very reasonable to say he has regressed, especially if we think his MVP season was an attainable and repeatable season and not just an outlier.

Not only do I think he's regressed on his passing abilities/footwork/decision making, I think he's already starting to lose speed/acceleration as well. However, time will tell if the latter was just a result of him being injured or actually starting to lose that ability already.

I do believe he's regressed in speed and acceleration or he was hurt and didn't tell anymore. I'd be very surprised if he loss that much juice at the tender age of 25, but he definitely wasn't Usain Bolt like MVP season. If I'm the Ravens and Lamar, I'd bet on myself like the Joe Flacco deal and go from there. With the franchise tag, the Ravens theoretically have him for another 2 years. If EDC and Pat clean up the cap, of course.

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Mahomes is such a clown, he's gone through nothing compared to Lamar. Year 2 for him the media was fawning over his no look passes and talking about how he'd dominate the league for the next 15 years. Year 5 for Lamar and the media is still circulating anonymous reports of coaches saying he shouldn't start at QB for the Ravens.


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Patrick Mahomes hasn't had to prove anything in years. There's literally a DC on record saying Lamar could win 12 MVP's and still not be QB1.

It's not even a comparison.

Oh, and Kyler sucks. Of course he has to prove himself, everyone saw the stinker he put up against the Rams. That was the worst QB play in a playoff game I've ever watched for someone who was supposed to be good.

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