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Week 2 GDT - Cincinnati Bengals vs San Francisco 49ers

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Cool video. Makes me feel better about the interception. Wish games were broadcast in All-22 on TV. I don't think Game Pass does it live, but I'll have to check next time. 


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20 hours ago, rudyZ said:

Honestly, since last year, I've maintained that Kelce was probably still the best TE in the game, partly in an attempt to control my homerism, and partly because I thought Kelce deserved the benefit of the doubt. But while Kelce is probably the better redzone threat, high-pointer of the ball, etc., Kittle is perhaps better at everything else. And not only better, but outrageously better than the rest of the league, in certain aspects. His YAC wasn't only elite for a TE last year, but elite at an all-time level for any position player. He's the most athletic and physical after the catch, with a stiff arm that is not only powerful, but smart. He uses defenders' momemtum against them better than most RBs. It takes 2 men and a half to tackle that man. And the run-blocking was downright dominant. I feel like when Staley will retire, Kittle will be heart and soul of this team. Team captain for the next 12-13 years, easy.

Yeah, totally agree. Kelce is beyond special, but I have always questioned his ability away from being an elite catcher. Kittle had a catch last week where he made a move on the sideline and then plowed over a DB with a stiff arm and I remember thinking to myself that what he did was not realistic. HE runs away from DBs and destroys LBs and Safeties. He is just unfair.

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