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Steeler Hitman

Game Day Thread Wk. 2 Steelers 0 - 1 vs. Seahawks 1 - 0

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3 hours ago, warfelg said:

This is the only one I do disagree with.  I think he got really creative at times with AB.  I think the one I see them using him on is those jet sweeps; which we tended to shy away from to avoid big hits on AB.  But AB was often our motion man, set back guy, and back in the trips.

Personally I think size has to do with that.  5'9"/10" 180 AB on the line vs 6'1"/2" 215/220 Juju on the line, you rather have Juju there.  But I think what makes Juju dangerous is his sneaky speed.  AB was good at getting off the line because you couldn't get a hand on him.  I think Juju can't do that, he needs to be more physical.  Get him to watch Dez Bryant, TO, Calvin Johnson film.  Those were guys who if you got physical with him would just chuck the defender 5 yards.

Juju needs to stay watching tape of prime Anquan. 

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