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WK1 Breakdown: The Bully Edition

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Quarter: 1
Drive #: 3
Play #: 4
Play type: Pass
Down and Distance: 1st & 10
Field location: Own 16
Result: 6 yard gain
Full play in All-22: 
Safe call by Nagy with a low-risk play in an early-down situation.

Noone on offense saw the safety blitz coming. They are lucky Mitch's first 2 reads were quick because Amos came free when Massie got shot in the back by a sniper.

Man, Leno REAALLY wanted some of Fackrell! My god. He damn near followed him into the Abyss just to get his hands on him! In all seriousness though, this play was designed for Montgomery in the flat but Fackrell sniffed it out and picked up the coverage instead of blitzing. That's why Leno pursued him like he did because he was trying to engage him in order to free up Montgomery in time for him to complete his route. Just a good play overall by Fackrell. 

Nice job by Mitch for recognizing it early enough knowing he still had a second or two before Shaheen would be coming out of his break on the stick route. 

And I don't know what the hell I did with the rest of my screenshots....... 

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