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Week 1 Other Games List

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Just now, MrCincinnati said:

I'm interested in those games two of course, but looking at from a Bengals fan perspective, I've only included the AFC teams because in the long run, that is what affects the playoff picture. The other primetime games and such are just for entertainment.

I know you preview the games that have implications for the Bengals.  For me, it's too early to worry about it, but I always root for probable opponents for playoff spots to lose.  I just think the two games I listed should be really good.

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16 hours ago, johndeere1707 said:

Chiefs looked extremely solid Thursday night. Shows how speed and youth can provide a huge jolt to an offense 

This is now or never for the chiefs. The last afc team that went into new england and beat tom brady in the regular season (colts 2006) won the superbowl.

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