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BDL 2019 Week 2 - Singapore Sentinels @ Hawaii Nightmarchers


Singapore Sentinels @ Hawaii Nightmarchers  

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BDL 2019 Week 2

Match:  Singapore Sentinels @ Hawaii Nightmarchers

Away Owner: @SirA1

Home Owner: @Hockey5djh


Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Singapore Sentinels

QB: Aaron Rodgers
RB1: Le’Veon Bell 
WR1: Josh Gordon
WR2: Corey Davis 
WR3: Keenan Allen
TE1: Darren Waller
LT: Joe Staley 
LG: Lane Taylor
C: Eric McCoy
RG: Billy Turner
RT: Marcus Cannon (Q) *INACTIVE*
FB: Kyle Juszczyk
RB2: James Conner
RB3: Latavius Murray
TE2: Tyler Higbee
WR4: Mecole Hardman
WR5: DaeSean Hamilton 
OL6: Matt Feiler <- in if Cannon doesn’t play
OL7: Duane Brown

OLB: Preston Smith
DT: Aaron Donald
NT: Damon Harrison
DE: Montravius Adams
OLB: Danielle Hunter
ILB:Jaylon Smith 
CB: Jason McCourty
CB: Trae Waynes
NCB: Desmond King II
FS: Kareem Jackson
SS: John Johnson III 
CB4: Jonathan Jones
CB5: Bradley Roby 
S3: Jesse Bates III
S4: Tracy Walker III
OLB3: Everson Griffen 
DL4: Shelby Harris
DL5: Bilal Nichols
LB2: Deion Jones




Hawaii Nightmarchers




QB - Russell Wilson

RB - Saquon Barkley

WR – Antonio Brown

WR - Stefon Diggs 

WR - TreQuan Smith

TE - Vance McDonald

LT - Taylor Decker *INACTIVE*

LG - Marshall Yanda 

C - Ryan Kelly

RG - Brandon Scherff

RT - Bryan Bulaga 


BN - RB - Tarik Cohen

BN – RB – Alexander Mattison

BN – WR - Christian Kirk

BN – WR - Diontae Johnson

BN – C/G - JC Tretter

BN -  C/G – Pat Elflein *INACTIVE*




DE - Jadaveon Clowney

DT - DeForest Buckner

DT - BJ Hill

DE - Frank Clark

LB - Demario Davis

LB - Roquon Smith 

CB - Casey Heyward

CB - Marshon Lattimore

Slot CB - Bobby McCain

S - Anthony Harris

S - Eric Weddle 


BN – DE - Harold Landry

BN – DE - Kyler Fackrell

BN - DT – Jaleel Johnson

BN – DT – Chris Wormley

BN – LB – Duke Riley

BN – CB – Charvarious Ward

BN – CB - Kendall Sheffield

BN – S – Nasir Adderley

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Motivation - Division games are always important. We look to steal this game and put the defending champs on the bottom and keep them there.

Offensive Strategy

Formations: 11/ 10/ 21 | Scheme:  Pass (60%) vs Run (40%)

Passing Attack
This week our game plan is to stretch out this Hawaii defense with a lot of 3 WR sets, utilizing a deeper route tree for our outside receivers to pull more bodies away from the edge with the slot receiver, running backs and tight end to work the sideline with quick passing strikes and as the game progresses taking more and more shots downfield,  Our mission is to keep the chains moving, controlling the time of possession to wear this defense down as we feel it’s weakness is in the quality of depth.  

Josh Gordon and Corey Davis are bigger receivers that will give then an advantage in any man coverage matchups. Keenan Allen owns the slot, working the sideline with out routes and fades while not totally neglecting the middle of the field with quick slants. Darren Waller had a breakout week last week and will continue to provide a seam buster for Rodgers. In 4 WR sets Mecole Hardman will come in to provide a lid lifter deep threat after stretching this  Hawaii DB depth to their breaking point.

 We expect Hawaii to dial up a healthy amount of blitz packages, primarily off the line.  To combat this we’ll put Aaron Rodgers in the shotgun under the same 3 wide sets giving him a better picture presnap of the defense.  We’ll also use motion to kick in or out the TE and or shift the tailback to the other side of him for better protection.

Running Game
Le'veon Bell had his time to get back into the swing of things and this week he takes the starting job.  Sharing the workload is James Conner in a traditional 60/40 split. We’ll also be bringing in Latavious Murray as depth just to make certain that none of these guys get winded over the course of the game.  Working out of the shotgun, we’ll include some draw plays to get a better feel for how the safeties and backers are playing the field.  

Running out of passing formations like the shotgun and pistol, we feel that it could be enough to limit the Hawaii defense from getting to comfortable with blitz and or stacking the box.

Defensive Strategy

Formations:   3-3-5/ Dime

Pressure/Run D
Singapore has the task of preventing arguably the best player in the league from scoring, because let's be honest you can’t stop him from getting yardage.  To combat Barkley’s number of carries and limit  his number of rush yards from getting away from us, Strong safety John Johnson will drop down into a shallow coverage to keep Barkley in front of him. Our defensive interior and edge rushers can’t get too aggressive in this matchup as gap containment is essential to keeping him from getting yards between the tackles or at the edge. Please don’t confuse this with we aren’t blitzing, all of our DL is solid at both run defense and pressure. A solid bench will keep this defense fresh.

Jaylon Smith get the job of containing Russell Wilson this week and will be a spy on him against any QB designed runs or containment on broken plays. On passing plays he will cover Cohen out of the backfield if he is in the game.Danielle Hunter and Preston Smith hope to continue their sack attack this week and also are solid at setting their edge in the run game to push Barkley back into the middle.

Coverage Assignments
We’ll be playing  man coverage with free safety Kareem Jackson playing single high in the secondary as we feel we are favored in these one on one battles with their receivers.  If A. Brown suits up Jason McCourty will cover A. Brown, with Kareem Jackson providing him the additional attention he warrants. 

Trae Waynes gets Diggs and Desmond King will have McDonald or a Slot WR if Hawaii goes 3 wide. Jonathan Jones comes in for Dime situations and also will provide additional depth if Hawaii runs a lot of go routes to try and tire our guys out.

We are expecting to land some coverage sacks in this game as our greatly improved secondary can match up with any receivers in the league.  



Hawaii Nightmarchers

Welp guys…the Bizzbowl Hangover is real, as was the one I had writing up my last write-up. My solution for week 2….write it while drinking. What can go wrong?



Running Game – As always….the running game on our team will start with the stud that is Saquon, out matched and outgunned last week he rumbled to 120 yards for a hapless Giants team, we expect even better results in the Hawaii offense. In the running game we plan on featuring a lot of outside runs with pulling lineman as not only do we have some of the better pulling interior in the league but Singapore starts two pass rushing OLB in a 3-3 front (or a 5-1 if you will) and Ingram and Chubb who should be overpowered by the extra man meat we’re slinging to the outside. Barkley should also see a bunch of catches in the middle with only one LB patrolling the middle zone. Barkley will get his 20+ carries and 5+ targets in the air, Cohen will be the spell back and get a handful of carries/targets. Mattison will be brought in for clean up duty once the game is well in hand in the 4th.


Passing Game – Hawaii welcomes back AB this week to give out passing game that much needed “spark”. We’re assuming he’ll be followed in the line-up by Slay but he’ll still get his targets If he isn't followed by Slay we'll target him against Darby relentlessly as Darby is still recovering from offseason ACL surgery. If Slay isn’t covering AB or isn't given help over the top we’ll continue to target him until the Defense adjusts. On the other side we’ll have Smith and Diggs who should draw Darby and the not as good Fuller brother. We believe both of these match-ups will be in our favor. We’ll also mix in a few 4 wide sets bringing in Christian Kirk in place of McDonald and forcing Sidney Jones off the bench. Russell Wilson will be given free rein in this offense to target his receivers and backs to take whatever the defense gives him. Also if they do not account for his legs he will have the green light to pick up chunk yardage.




Front 7 – Our front seven comes in to the game looking to attack the abilities of Austin Reiter. Making his 6th career start making the line calls at center is a stressful job. We plan on exploiting that youth with twists and stunts as well as some exotic blitz packages and looks in our front 7. When we’re in our base set we expect Frank Clark to win one on one with Donald Penn who at 36 coming off of a major groin injury should have his hands full.  Blitz’ will come regularly from either Davis/Roquon in the A gap or Lattimore/Heyward from the weak side of the offense and McCain filling their zone. In 3rd and long calls we’ll rotate Frank Clark inside and Bring in Harold Landry on the outside to give a larger pass rush presence and to give out DTs a breather. If they go with double TEs again McCain will slide inside to cover Kelce with Roquon and Davis to cover Johnson/Hooper.


Secondary – We will be playing a Cover 2 zone base. We’ll be playing a zone look in the secondary for a couple reasons. This will disguise the blitz packages from the corners or the linebackers but also will allow us to keeping the vertical players in front of us. Heyward and Lattimore will man the outside and jam Hilton and Williams at the line. Weddle and Harris will man the deep third and limit YAC. McCain will be in the starting line-up and will shadow Kelce wherever he goes in the lineup. Davis and Roquon will man the middle with the focus being to shut down David Johnson either in the running game or the passing game. While Singapore has a lot of weapons we’re not confident that David, I mean, Derek Carr will have enough time to get the ball out with the pressure coming from our D.


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