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Packers & Vikings Postgame


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2 - 0 to start, defense is holding its own and trending.  They were gassed in the 4th quarter and still balled out - happy bout that.  What can the O do to keep the chains moving more regularly?  It was mentioned a lot in the GDT that MLF and Rodgers still aren’t on the same page.  That will improve, IMO.

Rodgers seems close to turning a corner sometimes, and other times still seems stuck.  That needs to improve.  Special teams are holding their own.  Graham needs to step it up.  Hope Raven will be ok - that chop block by Rudolph sucked.  GB should roll through Flacco and company next week.

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We are improving. Went from having a good offense for one drive to one quarter. Next week it will be for one half. Baby steps. Defense was really good. Pretty happy with this win.  Not too bummed about the offense, we have played some good defenses

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the whole defense but especially Clark, the Smiths, Martinez and the secondary. So yeah the whole defense. 

the running game

1st quarter and first 5 minutes of 2nd quarter



Offense after mid 2nd quarter

Playcalling in the possession at 5:00 in the 4th quarter where we passed 3 times, and gave the ball back to the Queens with less than a minute run off the clock.

Graham assigned to block anything

D-team refs who made the game miserable for both sides, but especially the Vikings


Oh, and does Fackrell have arms? Dude couldn't tackle a thing. 





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