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Drew Brees to have surgery on throwing hand, to be out around 6 weeks

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On 10/8/2019 at 8:27 PM, Shanedorf said:

in a weird way, this injury might actually be a good thing for Drew.
One of the trends you'll see with the older QBs is that they lose arm strength as the season rolls into the later months
By December, they lose something off their fast ball.
So this injury/surgery means hundreds of throws he hasn't made this year, that might help in Dec/Jan.  
Plus he's getting A+ rehab... and not getting hit on Sundays

I had this thought as well. Last year Brees was fire for the first half of the season and then sputtered out a bit......if the Saints can get that same fire, but on the back half of the season along with playoffs, look out.

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