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Trade Colt McCoy to the Jets


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Given the rash of Jets injuries at QB, I was thinking maybe we could unload Colt to them for a conditional late-round draft pick.

Keenum has been inconsistent but looked better than I thought he would, which shouldn't have surprised me bc Gruden makes every QB look.better than he is on his offense. 

What do people think about trying to trade Colt to the Jets for a conditional late round pick?

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4 hours ago, lavar703 said:

If I were the Redskins I would be hoping Keenum keeps playing well and I’d dump her before the deadline to a contender with an injured QB. McCoy won’t bring back much of anything. 

This ^^^

Colt coming back from injury wont bring any compensation.

There's only 1 QB on the team that we can trade and he's starting right now

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20 minutes ago, Vladimir L said:

Why do our fans think our old players have value?


No one wants McCoy he prob wouldnt be in the NFL if it wasnt for Grudens man crush

For the same reasons you think they have no value. Or that you think Haskins won’t be any good. It’s an opinion. 

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