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Whats up with Baker

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5 minutes ago, Vee-Rex said:

What do you believe?

I believe Mayfield can be an above-average QB in the NFL if he becomes dedicated and committed to his craft.

Right now I believe that the jury is out on whether he even realizes what it takes to be successful in the NFL much less displays the requisite dedication and commitment to his craft.



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34 minutes ago, Vee-Rex said:

I mean, that goes without saying. You'd be a complete idiot to want to move on from him after just one year, given the QB-hell we've been in for the last 20 years.

What do you believe? Don't be on the fence ready to pounce on whatever side looks right when the time comes.

I believe he will be a future MVP candidate. Hopefully this year. It seems very easy to succeed on offense with him as the QB and I was quite disappointed in what we did as a team last year on offense between play calling and and lack of effort in the passing game and lack of ability on the line. Mayfield obviously took a step back too but some if not much of that was being put in a position to fail with 3 awful offensive linemen and a scheme that requires wide receivers to get open and no having any that did that even close to a regular basis when that rare time that the line held up. A lot of quit after the routes besides Landry. Then there was a hodgepodge of receivers after the top 2 and the #1 not close to 100% most of the year and had serious trouble with getting separation, no burst, issues catching and winning one on ones which we all thought was going to make the offense go to the next level. Hopefully he looks like a new player next year... assuming he is here.

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Reactions to Grossi:



Grossi was seated behind me in the media center. He got a call, said "Oh f***. No no no" and hurriedly exited the room. He was not at Berry/Stefanski pressers, which took place about 30 minutes later.

When I heard it I thought he heard about a death in the family or something, I had no context. He was SHOOK


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