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Anybody You Want From The Dolphins Roster?

the lone star

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Anybody You Want From The Dolphins Roster?

I hope the Cowboys trade for Reshad Jones. That'd be a nice pickup. Xavien Howard would be cool too I guess. And Charles Harris as a reclamation project would be interesting.

Oh and their punter (Haack) is actually pretty darn good apparently. I'd be interested in their kicker (Sanders) too I guess since his accuracy is better than Maher's, but Maher's range is better. Sanders is like 6 years younger though.

Gesicki's size and athleticism are also super intriguing.

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Some teams starving for WR depth should look into Devante Parker. He didn't live up to expectations in Miami, but I also don't think it was an ideal situation for him anyway. Seahawks could actually use a WR, and I think they should look into it as a low risk move. The Dolphins will probably only get a 4th/5th for him max.

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Theres more then a few I would like to see here though depending on the price, more then likely I would just say no to all.

Christian Wilkins

Xavien Howard

Charles Harris

Michael Deiter

Vince Beigel

Raekwon McMillanl

Josh Rosen

Kalen Ballage

Kenyan Drake

Mike Gesicki

Preston Williams

I wouldn't mind taking a look at all of these guys. Especially Gesicki, Howard and Wilkins.


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2 hours ago, the lone star said:

Why not?

Because we haven't touched FA since Brandon Carr 7 years ago. Every single big name, big time player on our roster was drafted by us and subsequently most have signed VERY team friendly deals like Jaylon and Collins. We can sign Amari and Dak and still have ~20M in cap space goin in to next year. And then in 2020 the current CBA expires and the cap is supposed to rise exponentially.


Dallas is in one of the better cap situations in the league of those with competitive teams.

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