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Birds-Eye-View: Arizona Cardinals 2019

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Hey guys, this thread is going to be for tracking the major developments and stats for the Cards this season. Sort of like a general discussion thread.

So what about Larry Legend? He has just done something that he's NEVER (not once!) done in his illustrious 16-year career. This man has started the season with back-to-back 100 yards games, a new feat. Some said that there wasn't much left in the tank after last season. I guess he found a gas station or something.

Now let's talk Kyler and Kingsbury. After the Cards' start to the season, I think I'm really optimistic! Sure, they're winless, but we've seen LIFE. That really wasn't there last year. They've come close in every game, thanks to Fourth Quarter Kyler. Kyler Murray is clutch, as he's proven over the past two weeks, and he can floor it when he needs to. Now, just being competitive won't be good enough in the future, but it's a sign that this team isn't as awful as everyone thinks (though the DBs need some help right now).

Kyler Murray. Larry Fitzgerald. Chandler Jones. David Johnson. Terrell Suggs. Patrick Peterson. That's an all-star core with a nice blend of youth and age. with that type of a nucleus, this team can go somewhere. Now let's build some hype!



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"Fitzgerald has brought more than just reliable hands, physicality, and the ability to create a big play downfield to the team’s pass-catching group, though. His savvy and experience reading defensive alignments has paid dividends for Murray, who has the power to change plays and individual routes.

”I think every young quarterback needs a security blanket—him being that guy for me,” Murray said this week. “He knows what he’s seeing out there.”

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Here's Keim dropping some hints or some misdirection on the draft


General manager Steve Keim might have given a clue as to what direction he might go in April when the Cardinals are on the board.

“One of the things I’ve always thought about philosophically was when you have a position group, and again they grade in a similar area, when you look at the big picture and you say, ok when I get to free agency, which players at that position exist in free agency, because usually people tie up left tackles, corners, quarterbacks — guys that are hard to find,”   “So I would obviously lean in the direction of players that are hard to find and don’t really make it to free agency because they get extended.”


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