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Rookie Ceiling/Floor Comparisons?

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The typical rookie recap post usually goes into a some brief scouting of the player as well as how he fits into the existing structure of the team. I'm going to try something slightly different - what the absolute highest potential comparison is for a player, as well the worst case scenario for the same guy.

Let's give it a go, shall we? I'll start with one, you guys tell me your thoughts on your favorite player in the draft.

1. Deshaun Watson 

Highest Comparison: Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks QB - Height notwithstanding, Watson compares favorably to Wilson in several areas. Good pocket awareness and can buy extra time inside and outside the pocket with some slick feet. Always a threat to run. Throws a catchable ball to all parts of the field. Knows when to fire a ball into a spot as well as throw with touch. Tends to play his best football in high pressure situations. Reputable leader with great work ethic. 

Lowest Comparison: EJ Manuel, Oakland Raiders QB - Work ethic and leadership skills were lauded early on, but Manual cratered out in the pros and is now destined to be a career backup in the NFL. Never overcame his accuracy issues from college, and his inability to read over defenses pre and post snap only made it worse. Always ran head down, never letting targets open up on secondary "fire" routes. Tendency to run on first instinct. Put too much touch on passes, which led to tip INTs.

So, anyone else have thoughts on the potential high/low of the rest of our draft class?

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