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Week 3 GDT: Panthers @ Cardinals


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Kyle Allen officially named starter. Some fun facts about this game:

1. Both starting QBs' names begin with "Kyle."
2. Both starting QBs were 5-star recruits out of high school to Texas A&M. Allen was a sophomore when Kyler came in. Kyle didn't play too well as starter and was dealing with nagging injuries, all while Kyler outplayed him, so he decided to transfer. The kicker is that two weeks later, Kyler announced he was transferring as well, robbing Allen of potentially keeping the starting gig for a major school. Went to Houston and became a UDFA while Kyler managed Oklahoma and a Heisman as well as the #1 pick. So this is something of a revenge game!
3. The Panthers will lose as Chandler Jones annihilates Daryl Williams and Kyle Allen once again gets injured like he did in college and week 17 last season, forcing us to use Will "Jimmy Clausen 2.0 but actually worse" Grier.

Hopefully the defense is able to generate a more consistent pass rush in this game while keeping Kyler from scrambling around. Really our only chance is by getting short fields to work with. Hopefully we can not stall near/in the redzone this week so we don't have to keep relying on Joey Slye banging 50 yarders every week. Score some touchdowns, dudes! We don't want to start the year 0-3!

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Watching the Chiefs game. I don't know why we can't try and emulate these guys. We have fast receivers with Samuel and, to a lesser speed extent, Moore. Olsen = Kelce. CMC = Hunt/Williams/Whoever. Cam's arm isn't as powerful as Mahomes but... we can at least TRY to get these dudes blowing down the field and throwing dragons to them.

Hopefully Cam is able to get his arm back, we lose Rivera/Hurney, and then hire... I dunno... Eric Bienemy, Kellen Moore, or Greg Roman. Not so sure about the GM thing.

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Yeah, Allen beat the Cardinals and a Saints defense that was only half trying.

Cam's worst enemy is himself, since he insists on playing through injuries. We gotta keep him on the bench until he's healthy. Another 2-4 games of Allen will let him heal and also let us know if Allen is potentially worth starting long-term once Cam's deal is up.

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