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Winning  and success are really all that matters in the end.  Are you putting the organization in a position to win championships from top to bottom?

Owners? Yes

Coaches? Sometimes

Players? Sometimes

The owners have learned and changed from some of the so called tight stingy days of the 90's and early 2000's.  the Steelers have ponied up, spent money, signed their own players, and tried to grab free agents who can help them win.  The Killer Bee's are dead for 2019. Gone is AB, Bell and Ben is hurt.  How many SB's did the Steelers win with them: ZERO!!!!!

Was it the talent or is it that the Coaches didn't use the talent well.  As someone said, we got rid of BA, then Todd Haley.  We got rid of the legend **** Le Beau. We got rid of various position coaches and lost a few as well. The last SB win was 2008 season. Since then we have ZERO SB Wins!!!!

We have countless #1 picks on defense.  We are not the 76 Steelers, the 85 Bears, 2000 Ravens, or even some of our great Blitzburgh Defenses, but the defense has improved from the defense that was here in 2017, when we had an offense that was supposed to put up 30 points a game with the Killer Bee's. How did that turn out?

Every year there is a new reason, justification or excuse. Bottom line is this team does not play together (offense, defense, special teams and coaching in sync).  Two turnover's inside of the SF 49'ers 40 yard line in the first quarter and we get two FG's. They turn the ball over three more times and the Steelers get ZERO points!  We turn the ball over twice and SF 49'ers get 14 points.  That was the ball game there boys and girls.

First it was Lev Bell's distractions. He's  a NY Jet now. Then it was AB's drama. He is on the coach and not the sidelines or field.  Big Ben is in the MASH unit.  The play calling on offense has been poor at best. The execution has been worst. No one has stepped up and helped the offense step out.

The defense is not without its problems. Still can't get off the field on many third downs. Can't stop teams when the game is on the line and when they mess up, we give it back to them. people point to leadership.  The new kid that many are criticizing the organization for trading to get did nothing, but outproduce the incumbents production in about a two quarters of football.

You have rookies learning, adjusting and taking his lumps and a a few veterans who haven't stepped up to stand in the gap on offense or defense.  You have to scheme some players to success as well. Ju Ju has had his best success as a pro being isolated one on one running crosses, picks, or out of motion.  Why not try that more?  Maybe that opens things up for Washington and or Johnson.   James Connor has struggled some. Why not let Jalen Samuel's get some carries? He has a little more wiggle and slightly different style.

The statistics speak for themselves as to what type of team the Steelers are right now. What they have done has not worked and will be scrutinized until the outcome changes.

That is  life in the NFL. 


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8 hours ago, wwhickok said:

Here is the thing, just because you were good at coaching LBs doesnt make you a good DC. (Butler)

Just because you were good at coaching QBs doesnt make you a good OC (Fichtner).

Go hire proven people (Teryl Austin/DC) (Mike McCoy, OC)

Get rid of Olvansky or whatever Jerry's last name is and move Tom Bradley to his natural coaching position, LBs Coach.

Go hire Mean Joe Greene to work with Dunbar and this DL.

Hire Hines Ward as the WRs coach and have him teach these guys a thing or two about run blocking.

I'm just throwing out ideas. Idk if they're the best ideas. Maybe there are better options.

Mean Joe never got the dolphins DL to be good in the mid 90's, so no guarantee he could make it work here, the game has changed too.

Kevin Greene for OLB's though, that's a given. 

If Grimm wants to coach, even HC , why not? Tomlin will be here next year anyways, but just saying.

Ward, good one, maybe Chris Carter?

What about bobby april for STxD 

Romo might be a decent OC,  but anyone is compared to fichner

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