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The hunt for +316 (currently +175)


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10 minutes ago, ChazStandard said:

It does feel both petty and spoiled cheering for the record, but at the same time...I really enjoy it.

Yep, and if the Patriots fal short of their 2007 record, they can still try the almost as impossible task of being more points over than the Dolphins are points under. 

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9 hours ago, Deadpulse said:

He sure will pressure them to go for more 4th downs which will lead to more 7s instead of 3s. That should also help. 

Helps when Nugent hasn't missed an extra point either. I recall the Patriots opting to go for a couple of touchdowns in recent Super Bowls because Gostsuckski missed at least one kick one in all of those close games. So, not much different this time around. Missed an extra point against Atlanta where every point counted and it forced the Pats to convert an extra 2-pointer. Missed an extra point and a field goal against the Eagles when it was especially crucial. Missed a field goal again against the Rams this past February and that affected the way the Pats played/game planned as well. Gostkowski sucks. Nugent is unsurprisingly semi-competent by comparison.

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