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D’Eriq King taking a redshirt at Houston


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25 minutes ago, naptownskinsfan said:

Just saw this come across my phone. Discuss.

not yet. i know his father tweeted it but i haven't heard anything from my source. 

also people are blasting dana for it.  i don't see why.  dana already said he don't care about how you did last year or the year before, if you have a redshirt available he wont be afraid to use it on you.  Applewhite and to an extent herman didn't do a good job redshirting guys.  king honestly should be a redshirt jr right now. if he transfers i wouldn't be mad. it would open up the possibility of us getting malik Hornsby to start as a true freshman.  that's what the staff is selling him on against fsu.

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To me King is a position change at the next level all the way, he could be one heck of a slot WR or RB with how he can make people miss in the open field and his overall speed and quickness.  Not sure if he is doing this because he believes Holgorsen can develop him more as a passer or what, or because they are 1 and 4 and playing pretty below average as an overall unit.  Honestly it does not make much sense, play the year out then just go into the NFL and progress more as a WR or RB at that level, doubt he makes a Kyler Murray type change as a passer just because of one more season in college.  Maybe he really likes college, maybe he really wants to get that degree that is all great but basically the leader of the Houston team is saying I quit on his season, I will sit the rest of the year, good luck teammates while I wait for next year.  The rest of the season could be a awful for the Houston Cougars just based on that thought process alone by the leader of the team.  


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I will be really surprised if he stays at Houston. I think the false persona that he is going to is just so he can finish out that year in good graces working out on the facilities, etc. There is zero cost for him to play elsewhere next year as a grad transfer and honestly no real reason for him to stay outside of loyalty.

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