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Coopers Cowboys visit the NOLA Teddy Under-waters


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10 minutes ago, Nextyearfordaboyz said:

Does this game kind of feel like the first game of the season?

We've been heavy favorites in every game and had very little drama so far. I'm feeling amped up for this Saints game like I normally am at the beginning of the year.

Definitely has a 1st game feel. If we win they'll say it's because of Brees being out though.

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This will be interesting game as we will be facing a top three WR and one of the best all around RB in the game that stretches out the D.  I don’t want to single cover Thomas or play zone but if we double Thomas it makes it tough for our safeties to give the run support needed to stop their RB.    Huge test last year we stopped them but the biggest part of that equation IMO was the relentless pressure on Brees

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On 9/24/2019 at 4:07 PM, Matts4313 said:



Exactly one of these QBs will be playing, while the other sits due to a boo-boo on his thumb. Much like last year a key to this game will be the:

 wolf-face_1f43a.png WOLF PACK wolf-face_1f43a.png being a successful levee against the Saints horizontal passing and rushing attack. Last week, from what I read, Kamara was unstoppable in the screen game. Allegedly he had like 15-20 broken tackles. This week, he will be eaten alive. #snacktime



Fellas, is that graphic down for anyone else?

I dont like this. This is some sort of jinx. WTF

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