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Detailed Predictions for Rest of Season


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@ Indianapolis Colts - W 27-24 OT

We are underdogs in this game and rightfully so. The Colts are a solid team. However, I don't trust Brisset and feel this is the game he will come down to earth. Our secondary will look solid in this game. Marlon Mack will get his, but I expect our defense to look like a solid overall unit. And if Carr is gonna have a couple great games this season, this is one of them. He always destroys the Colts and he's playing inside a dome. This is one of the rare matchups we have the better QB and we should be able to pull off a close victory, even on the road. Will I be surprised if we lose? Not at all. Wouldn't even be surprised if we got blown out. But I do expect a close hard fought win.

vs Chicago Bears - L 41-13

Ahhh the Khalil Mack revenge game. Hard to predict London games because any of the teams can have jet lag and look terrible but I think the Bears will be fully prepared and Mack will feast on Carr. He wants this game bad and honestly I'll probably cheer on one of his sacks just because he is so likable and I'm still a fan. I expect the Bears Defense to obliterate us like they did against Washington. I actually think the Redskins Offense is better than ours... and the Bears just feasted.

@ Green Bay Packers - L 31-16

Packers are a Top 5-7 team in the NFL. That defense is VASTLY improved and IMO one of the better defenses in the league from top to bottom. And Aaron Rodgers against our secondary and pass rush? Total mismatch. Overall, a beat down on the road by a better team.

@ Houston Texans L 34-21

This offense is really really good. Bill O Brien, Deshaun Watson, Deandre Hopkins, Will Fuller, Kenny Stills. We will not be able to keep up with them, especially on their turf. I do expect us to cross the 20 point mark because their secondary is porous but that front seven, especially JJ Watt, is still gonna eat.

vs Detroit Lions W 26-20

I do not think the Lions are for real even being 2-0-1. They will come downto earth. We will limit their run game with our surprisingly decent run defense. Our secondary will shut down their overall bad WR core. This will be our best defensive performance since the Bronco game with everything on defense clicking. Our offense will also have a solid game led by Josh Jacobs. Jacobs will go for 170 total yards from scrimmage in this game.

vs Los Angeles Chargers TNF W 22-21

In a defensive battle on TNF, the Raiders prevail. Chargers defense is tough but I think we limit their offense. Rivers throws a bad interception and we get some pressure. I expect the crowd to be on fire for Thursday and being a division game (I was at TNF for the Chiefs in 2017 and it was the most electric Raider crowd I've experienced). Raiders win the final nationally televised game ever in Oakland. Daniel Carlson goes 5/5 on FGs (will move ball but struggle in Redzone against Chargers D) with the game winning one as time expires.

vs Cincinnati Bengals W 31-23

Raiders get their third win in a row and finally obtain a lot of momentum. We limit the Bengals Offense and score a lot of points on that D. Our DC knows Andy Dalton very well and will limit him. I think Mixon will do great but the Bengals will be playing from behind.

@ New York Jets - L 27-20

The Jets are a much better team than they look right now. When Darnold comes back, that is closer to a .500 football team (although they will probably finish around 6-10). I expect Darnold and Bell to both have big games against us. That defense led by Jamal Adams shuts down our offense for most of the day. Waller is shut out (like 2 catches) and Jacobs is limited by that front seven.

@ Kansas City Chiefs L 34-27

Closer game than most expect but once again Patrick Mahomes rips us apart. He has 370 passing yards and 3 passing TDs.

vs Tennessee Titans L 24-23

This one could go either way but I expect Tannehil to be starting at this time who I personally believe is better than Mariota. Their defense is very underrated and I expect Carr and Jacobs to both be limited. The Titans are a 7-9 win team and mostly struggling at the QB position, I expect their O Line to also have Lewan back and we don't get much pressure. Once again, hard game to call, but I feel we don't match up well with them at all.

vs Jacksonville Jaguars L 24-20

This all depends if Ramsey is still on the team. We are not beating that defense, even at home. If Ramsey is traded, I think we'll win a very close game. However, I think we will really struggle on all faucets on offense and Minshew of all people (I think he'll still have the starting job even with Foles back) has a very solid game against us. We lose the very last game in Oakland which is very unfortunate.

@ Los Angeles Chargers L 31-22

Even though this is a home game, we are not sweeping the Chargers. Not happening. And they will dominate this game the entire time and it's close because of a garbage time TD. Philip Rivers has a great game as does Melvin Gordon who is projected to return by Week 13 or else his contract doesn't serve a year. Gordon will be in this game.

@ Denver Broncos L 25-18

Bad teams rarely sweep other bad teams. Really doubt we will beat Denver in Denver. I expect them to return the favor and make our offense look bad this time. Von Miller isn't gonna be made look like a fool another game. He probably has 1.5 sacks in this one and a ton of hurries.

Raiders finish the year with six straight losses after climbing to 5-5 after being 2-5, exciting Raider Nation.

Final Record: 5-11

Projected Draft Selections: 6th and 21st (expect Bears to win wildcard)

6th Pick Targets: QB, WR, EDGE

21st Pick Targets: WR, EDGE

Too Early 2020 Record Prediction: 8-8

Way Too Early 2021 Record Prediction: 10-6


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