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thanx everyone for the friendly welcomes.  i reckon most of this will be for turtle as he commented on the trade down idea.  I had 3 players from SF on my champion fantasy football team this year so i watched alot of them and i agree that Bosa made that D a force to reckon with.  Chase Young could have that affect as well.  If things can be repaired with trent, which im not sure they can,  we resign the right guard then yeah im good with Young.  Trying to teach a qb that isnt ready to play and not having no offensive weapons is not a good combo.  No blind side protection either.  I just remember Bill Parcells when he went to the jets, he traded like 3 times and picked up all kinds of picks and the rebuild went faster.  No left tackle.  2 te that wont remember their names in 10 years due to concussions.  Wr's that are young and no true number 1 and that is just the offense.  defensively we have a middle backer that gets in trouble with the league and he is now coming off injury,  Josh norman is high priced and terrible.  I don't know who the olb will be in the new defense.  Add in  no 2nd round pick we just have so many holes.  If we draft him it is not a terrible thing but a rebuild from the picks we could get for the 2nd pick doesn't seem to bad in my mind either.


Just one more thing,  I am terrible at typing and i hate computers. so no drags or quotes or anything.

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On 1/5/2020 at 4:14 PM, Woz said:

Welcome aboard (even if you are a Hokie)! :D

The "C-hokie" is throwing me off 

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What's up everyone!

I've been lurking this forum for around 10 years, but finally made an account to join in on the discussion from time to time.

I'm from Montreal and have been a Skins fan since 2005-ish (it's hard to pin-point exactly when).  I'm not sure why I started following this team, since they get virtually zero exposure in Canada unless they play in prime time. CBS/Fox plays mainly Pats & Giants/Cowboys games in Montreal, and that's about it. I remember clobbering people with Sean Taylor and running people over with Clinton Portis in NFL 2k5 though, so that probably sparked my fandom. Still a loyal fan to this day.

Glad to be here 

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