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Week 4 GDT: Cowboys (3-0) vs. Saints (2-1): The Coach that was promised

Canadian Saint

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Like "The Winds of Winter" in A Song of Fire and Ice or the next Dr. Dre album, Sean Payton has been often day dreamed about by Dallas Cowboy fans. Every couple of years like leap years, Cowboy faithful get their hopes up and every couple of years their hopes get dashed. And why wouldn't they. Sean Payton has shown time and time again, he is one of the best coaches in the NFL. An offensive mastermind that can game plan around any defense and find a chink in the armor. His eye for talent and ability to develop RBs and O-linemen especially. Last week was one of his best displays for this poster. Playing the Seahawks at home, in the rain without your starting QB, and then coming out with a win was a huge accomplishment. Someone in the GDT said, Saints of years past would've have lost that game. Brees is somewhere around 5-7 weeks away. Most of us are aiming for after the BYE for his return. That means if Teddy can steady the ship, AK and MT continue to ball out and the D can tighten up in the secondary, we could be around 5-3 or 4-4 with Brees coming back.

In our way stands the Cowboys. A team who has sneakily been one of the better drafting teams in the last little while. From their starting QB in the middle rounds, stud RB, to a monster O-line, one of the better O-lines, a top notch LB corps and a solid secondary, this team has integrated a lot of top talent from the draft. Their two big questions that stand in the way of championship aspirations, IMO, is head coach and QB. Head coach is obvious, it's unclear weather the current head coach is getting the best of their talent or their talent is carrying the head coach. Jason Garrett is a bit of a polarizing figure in Dallas. Apart from the clapping meme, his previous auditions in the post season with Tony Romo under C didn't go all that well.

Coaches corner:

Special shout out to our special teams last game. I thought they didn't get enough love. Harris' TD shut up the Seattle crowd early on (check Baldy's breakdown on how we ran that play), Morestead's punting kept pinning that Seattle offense deep in their own zone and Lutz kept kicking well so I could sleep well at night. God it's such a great change from heartattack Hartley.

I thought the O-line struggled or atleast, didn't perform as best as they could last game. I'm going to assume most of it is due to being a hostile stadium with a new QB, but their protection was off. I'm not worried but I thought they could be better. I'm sure they will, especially being at home, but it's something to point out.

I thought Bridgewater did fine. As long as he plays the QB who can make the timely 3rd down throw, not turn over the football and generally make life easier for Kamara, he's ace in my books. Anything more is extra for me personally.

PJ Williams bloody sucks. Good lord, it's either give up a penalty or give up a catch. Seriously did P-Rob offend someone's mother? Surely he can't be this bad. The secondary on the whole need to step up. Apple surprisingly has been solid this season. IIRC, he's given up only 3 or 4 catches the entire season. Lattimore has struggled a bit. I wonder if his extra muscle two consecutive offseasons has had an effect. Doesn't seem like he can mirror receivers that much. Williams.....well from what I've seen, coaches are putting Bell deeper, giving less responsibility to Williams. We're doomed to have a maddening number of Dak to Cooper passes in the middle of the field. Especially with us missing Anzalone.

I thought, even with the gaudy numbers, the D played better last week. Bad news is Stephane Anthony is back on the team. Maybe the dumbest LBer I've seen play for us. Pray to whomever he just sees ST snaps.

I'm sure it sucks about Brees, but TE Cook is not doing well. Had a few drops and hasn't been open. Far too early to talk about bust or what not, but I expected him to be better. Hopefully he picks it up.

Visit the enemy:

Here is the Cowboys GDT. One of their posters graciously invited us there to chat about the game:



34-13 Saints

Playing the 3 worse teams in the NFL and being 3-0 means little against actual competition. I think being at home and having Teddy get more comfortable with the offense will help us. Watch Kamara continue his rampage.

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Great write up, as always!

I'm curious about Stephone Anthony. @Dome and I were discussing that he didn't really have any guidance when he first played for us, yet still lead the team in tackles as a rookie. Was a special teams monster, and yes, really dumb. Hopefully Damario Davis will rub off on him enough to improve his overall game. And we KNOW for certain he didn't get any help from other players in Miami. That dumpster fire wouldn't know what to do with talent if it smacked them in the mouth.

I'm hoping for a few things from Bridge. Protect the ball, convert 3rd downs, and maintain some pocket presence. That's all. I'm lowering my expectation greatly. If we can get about 200 passing yards from him and maybe 55-60% conversions on 3rd down (currently about 40%) I think that will be enough to open up the run game and sustain some drives.

I'd like to see more from Latavius Murray. Not that he showed us much in Minnesota, but right now he's basically playing like another fullback, just straight forward. Take away his 1 long run, and he's under 2 yards per rush. That's just no good.

I'm digging our special teams right now. That could be a game changer! Maintaining positive field position, pinning the opposition deep etc... HUGE!

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Don't expect anything, I even put a toonie on the Cowboys -3, but taking an L here and falling to 2-2 is not a big deal for us right now.

But escaping with a win? Or flat out dominating? As viewers we've got all of the upside and none of the downside! Weird times to be a Saints fan right now

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Just a thought. If, and that's a big IF. If we crawl out of this game with a win, that would be to really steep challenges in a row that we won, AND we could have been in a different position in LA had the refs not broken one off elbow deep in our arses yet again, ultimately killing momentum.

So, if we crawl out of here with the W and 3-1, I will be stoked as can be, and the schedule somewhat lightens up for a while.

Look at who we've played, and their combined records of 7-2. One beat us pretty good after a QB change, and the other 2 were good victories.

4 - Cowboys (3-0) at home (Sunday night) - tough game, and the Cowboys have yet to play anybody noteworthy (Giants, Redskins, Dolphins) and all those teams have 1 win between them.
5 - Buccs (1-2) at home - just lost to the above mentioned Giants, but always play us hard (perennial trap game)
6 - Jags (1-2) on the road - No identity
7 - Bears (2-1) on the road - This will be a challenge. Their defense is crazy good, but that can be offset by an offense that is/can be crazy bad.
8 - Cardinals (0-2-1) at home - These guys are lost right now, but can surprise, just not in the dome against our defense.
9 - Bye
10 - Falcons (1-2) at home - Brees??? Another team that always plays us hard, but I think we've got their number, especially at home.
11 - Buccs on the road
12 - Panthers at home
13 - Falcons on the road (Thursday night)
14 - 49ers at home
15 - Colts at home (Monday night)
16 - Titans on the road
17 - Panthers on the road

If we get through Dallas with the win, our 3 hardest remaining games are at the Bears in week 7, 49ers week 14, and Colts the following week. We could very well hit the bye at 6-2 or 5-3 with the possibility of 11-5, and with the way our division has started out, we'd win it.

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36 minutes ago, Matts4313 said:

Vivid seats is predicting that the Dome is going to be 50% Cowboys fans. Has that ever happened before?

There are ton of Cowboys fans in LA and MS, especially in north LA.  Louisiana north and south of Alexandria is completely different.  I know there are Cowboys fans everywhere, but especially here.

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6 hours ago, sammymvpknight said:

Looks like Sheldon Rankins will likely play. I’m sure that he’ll get part time work but this is great news 

Very good news. We're going to need everything we can get up front. Keep Zeke under 100, and keep Dak contained. And about 30 sacks wouldn't hurt.

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