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What to do about K?

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I've got to think today is the breaking point on Ka'imi. Two missed XPs is really troublesome - and this was a "final warning" sort of game for him, so the team has to look elsewhere.

Who is out there worthy of a look?

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I think if you watched both missed XPs... they were rushed by holder. It was what it looked like to me.... especially the 2nd one.  A Falcons player flew in from left side (looked offside) and it seemed the holder was rushing to get the ball down and Ka'imi rushed the kick as well.

I don't think there are a lot of kickers out there to replace him (right bnow) and he finally starting putting his kicks out the endzone (something I thought he did consistently his rookie year).


Just my $.02.

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I hate the itchy trigger finger coaches have with kickers.  It feels like it's straight out of the "hardnosed coach" manual where kickers aren't really football players and firing them gives you "no nonsense" cred.  Problem is, like 90% of these Lombardi tactics, it doesn't work.  Nobody thinks you are tough because you cut a kicker and getting inside you kickers head with public threats, bringing in other kickers, etc just becomes a self-fulfilling proficy.   Mr. hard-nosed Belichick is on his 3rd kicker (due to injury), because he understands the value of instilling confidence in your kicker, not dumping him because of a few missed kicks.  I don't remember too many situations where swapping the kicker hasn't just ended with a constant treadmill of kickers being run thru because they think their job is on the line with every kick. 

Our QB has had 2 really bad games, Nuk has had several drops, Watt has been shutout and drew 2 personal fouls.  Bob has botched nearly every 2 minute drive and coaches challenge.   Joseph has gotten burned, Reid has missed tackles, Tunsil has given up sacks.  Martin has screwed up at least 5 snaps.  Fairbairn has missed 2 50+ yard field goals which should never be taken as better than 50/50 odds. Sure, missing extra points hurts, but 1/3 of kickers in the league have missed 1 or more already and only 3 kickers in the league converted all of theirs last year - these aren't 17 yarders anymore and aren't automatic.  Don't forget, we also fired his holder which is a far bigger deal in timing and trust than most can imagine.  Jon Weeks remains flawless and will have the long snapper MVP trophy named after him someday.

Kaimi hit 37 of 41 FGs and 39 of 41 XPS last year and has numerous game winners.  His kickoffs have been a huge part of improving our coverage teams.  The dude has missed a few XPs, most of which wouldn't be noticed if this offense was operating to it's potential like last week.  Stick with him.

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1 hour ago, Apollo Stallion said:

Brian Anger is a BIG part of the problem.  Laces in again.

I'll agree that it's been worse lately, but it wasn't great even when Daniel was here...

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15 hours ago, Pastor Dillon said:

Fairbarin is gone tomorrow. there is no way we go for 4th and 3 at the end of the game as opposed to a 45 yard FG and then keep him. 

A new kicker is not gonna fix Anger’s holds. They should try a new holder before anything else.

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