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Yo-ho yo-ho, a Pirates Life for Me! - Day 6 is now! - Night 6 starts at 6pm EST


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"YAAAARG!!! IT BE TIME WE SET SAIL!!!!" Dome yelled to his crew and began to untie the knots keeping the ship moored. 

The man began to chant their sea shanties and soon, land was just a distant memory. Singing and dancing carried on deep into the first night until a cold wind chilled the crew to their bones. 

"Yarrrg, I've felt this wind before. This is a bad omen." One of the men announced to the others. "THIS SHIP IS CURSED!"

"You've had too much rum! Surely this ship isn't cursed! Captain Dome wouldn't set sail with a full crew knowing the ship be bound for tragedy! Drop ye superstitions!"

"We're sailors! All we have is our superstitions!!"



"WE'LL TAKE IT BY FORCE IF WE MUST! The Captain MUST turn back!!!"

Captain Dome sat in his chambers, he could hear the men yelling outside. Cap couldn't have a mutiny on his hands, he barely survived the last one. He knew he had to put a stop to this before it even began. He opened the door to the main deck, and stepped outside. The men quit yelling when they saw his musket pointed in their general direction.

"You. I heard you say you wanted to go back home." Captain Dome pointed the firearm at a man near the bow. "So go."


"Yes. You can swim, right?" Cap'n asked him as he motioned towards the plank. "Walk the plank. And swim."

"But Cap, we've been sailing for hours." 

"Lucky it wasn't days. Jump or I'll turn you into shark bait myself."

"Cap, shouldn't there be a vote or something?"

"Well, probably. Yeah. That's a good point. From here on out there will always be a vote. But you're first."

The man begrudgingly agreed, he slowly walked to the edge of the plank and jumped.

@Woz is dead. He was a Mutineer.

Mutineer  Make up at least 50% of the ship's crew.

"HA! I KNEW IT! GOT ONE!" Captain shouted! YOU NEXT! He pointed the gun at another man.


Captain thought for a moment. "Yeah, well that's when I thought I was just making a statement. I didn't realize we had a full blown mutiny on our hands. Now jump." Captain raised his hand cannon from his belt.

The man begrudgingly agreed, he slowly walked to the edge of the plank and jumped.

@jrry32 is dead. He was Captain Dome aligned.

Captain Dome Eliminate all threats to Captain Dome

"Whoops. We'll vote from here on out." Dome blushed and climbed up into the crows nest. "ALRIGHT! CARRY ON!" He yelled down to his crew.


Page 48

YOU'RE ALL BIGOTS!" @Counselor stood at the end of the plank. "You all pretend not to want me, ha ha funny joke, but the joke went too far!"




Wet Willie took his final breath and jumped.

The crowd cheered! @ET80 jumped up and down with glee! One mutineer dead! Hurray!

Unfortunately ET-matey got a little too close to the railing, someone hip-checked him and he slipped in some freshly extracted coconut juice! Right overboard he went!

It was the wee hours of the morning and the crew finally went to sleep, they figured two men overboard was enough for one night. Just as they all had fallen asleep a shortened scream woke them up!


The crew jumped to their feet just in time to see one figure dragging another out the door onto the main deck! By the time they'd all gotten outside the two figures had vanished. 

The men decided it would be best to get back to sleep, they could investigate when sober, so back to sleep they went. In the morning they woke up at first light. Now that they were sober they figured they could properly identify the bodies that had floated to the surface! They grabbed a telescope and scanned the seas!

Wet Willie  is DEAD @Counselor

ET-matey is DEAD @ET80

Daboyle Two Fiddy is MISSING @daboyle250


Page 116

"Uh... uh.... uh! Dome! Malf! Swag! Anyone but me!" @Matts4313 begged for his life! 

"JUMP, YE BROKEBACK BASTARD!" Cap'n raised his pistol towards Brokeback Matts, so matty took the plunge.

"YYYARRRRG! Thar be a dead mutineer! I can feel it in me bones!!" 

The group cheered and danced! But @theuntouchable didn't learn from the mistakes of ET-matey! As soon as he got too close to the railing someone used that as an opportunity to push him overboard! Nobody even noticed! They danced and drank through the night!

In the morning they woke up and hurried back outside to see who matts was but they noticed that Natalie Renee was gone as well. They scanned the horizon all around them but only found the body of Brokeback Matts.

Brokeback Matts is DEAD @Matts4313

Natalie Renee is MISSING! @theuntouchable






-Vote for who walks the plank each night. Each player gets ONE vote per phase, so make it count. 

-Day phases will be for pirateering, drinking, wenching and sniffing out who's behind this mutiny. Votes may be unofficially kept by the players as a way to track where people are leaning, but they will not count unless a player @me to lock their vote. 

-Days will usually last 12-24 hours depending on what time (IRL) they begin.

-Night phases are for casting a vote if you have yet to do so. You may talk at night. 

-Any and all votes cast at night will count and be locked in, so only vote if you're certain that's where your vote will be for the night.


-Night phases will end when every player has voted. 

If you are the last player to vote two nights in a row, you will be modkilled. (Exceptions will be made for players who are otherwise active and haven't voted for one reason or another, players who are absent and slowing down the game without providing anything in thread will be modkilled)

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66: @TheKillerNacho as Helga 

1: @Counselor as Wet Willie Willem - Walked the plank N1

2: @SwAg as Swagilicious - killed n4 

3: @Matts4313 as Brokeback Matts - Walked the plank N2

4: @rackcs as Filthy Johnson - Killed n3

13: @Pickle Rick as Not-the-Captain Nova

16: @The Orca as Thirsty Jack

5: @Nazgulas Neckbeard

6: @Llamalover as Tiny Peter - walked the plank N5

16: @MWil23 as Pickled Orca - killed N6

7: @bcb1213 as Johnny Big Bang - walked the plank n4

8: @daboyle250 as Daboyle Two Fiddy - Missing since N1

9:   @squire12 as Scurvylegs

10: @theuntouchable as Natalie Renée - Missing since N2

11: @ET80 as ET-matey - Killed N1

12: @Ragnarok as James Cheswick - walked the plank n3

13: @Malfatron as Victarion Greyjoy 

14: @Tugboat as Tugboat


Big Rules (Definitely read these):
Any violations of these rules may result in your elimination or replacement.

  1. Do not discuss the game outside of this thread unless given permission by me to do so in your Role PM. (Your Role PM tells you what your name, alignment and abilities are)
  2. Do not post copy and paste anything that I send you. Do not post a screenshot of anything that I send you.
  3. Do not try to use a specific word of phrase from your role PM in an attempt to clear yourself or implicate another player. 

Other Rules (Read these or don’t, but at least pretend you did):

  1. Do not edit posts that will change a vote.
  2. If Lynch voting ends in a tie there will be no Lynch.
  3. If you are lynched or killed at night you may make one final “Good Game” post. Please do not include ANY game related information in your farewell post. If your role wasn't revealed, you may not make a "Good Game" post.
  4. Flavor is just that, flavor. Intended to inform you of a move or action that occured but not necessarily describe it literally. If anybody wants any clarification on what is flavor and what is actual information, they'll need to ask me.




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